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The FAQ was last updated on 11th March 1999

NEW New for the current edition: The millennium at Disneyland Paris; news of the latest attractions and the Disney Studios Europe plans; Spring/Summer/Autumn 1999 opening hours; updated hotel and ticket prices; attraction closure and re-hab information; financial information for the year ending 30 Sept 1998; additional cast member information... and lots of other general updates.

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Disneyland Paris FAQ Document - Current File Contents
(Some of the following sections are also available as web pages at this site)
  • Topical Information
  • A Brief History of Euro Disney / Disneyland Paris
    • General History
    • Financial History
    • Sponsors

  • Overview of Disneyland Paris
    • Attractions and Entertainments
    • List of Shops
    • List of Restaurants and food outlets
    • Disney Village (was Festival Disney)
    • Disney Hotels
    • Golf Disneyland Paris

  • Common Questions and Answers
    • "I'm writing a project on why Euro Disney (sic) failed. Can you help?"
    • Contact Numbers and Addresses?
    • Guide Books?
    • How To Get There?
    • Attractions that no other park has?
    • Comparisons between rides?
    • What language do they use?
    • Getting around Paris?
    • How do I get discounts? (Magic Kingdom Club)
    • How can I contact the park by e-mail?
    • What DL-P souvenirs are available? Do they do Mail Order?
    • What's the weather like? When should I visit?
    • Any other tips for avoiding the worst of the queues?
    • Are there any Internet sites with photos of Disneyland Paris?
    • What attractions have age and/or height restrictions?
    • What facilities are there for people with Special Needs, or who require medical attention?
    • What other hotels and campsites are in the area?
    • How can I get to work at the park? (Cast Member Information)

  • More details of specific attractions
    • Liberty Arcade, Discovery Arcade, Statue of Liberty Tableau
    • Walt's Restaurant
    • Phantom Manor
    • Big Thunder Mountain
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril
    • Adventure Isle
    • La Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant
    • Alice's Curious Labyrinth
    • Storybookland rides
    • Le Visionarium
    • Les Mysteres du Nautilus
    • Space Mountain (de la Terre a la Lune)
    • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
    • Pocahontas - Le Spectacle

  • Acknowledgements

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