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The Disneyland Paris FAQ List is an entirely personal, fan-run, endeavour, intended as an informal and independent guide for visitors to this wonderful Disney theme park.

I do not live in France, let alone work for Disneyland Paris, so I'm sorry but there is absolutely NO point in your emailing me to ask for brochures or financial literature or to book tickets and/or accommodation at the park. Equally, I'm afraid I can't help you get a job at the park or to locate someone specific who works there, nor can I supply you with information to help you research your school or college project on the structure and financial success (or otherwise) of the park.

So please, if your question is along any of the above lines, why not just consult the relevant section of the FAQ in order to find who you should contact, and then contact them directly? You can also use my links page to visit Disneyland Paris's own web site, along with lots of other fan-run sites.

OK, now that I've dealt with all that (sorry if it seemed like a rant, but you wouldn't believe how many people still ask me those sorts of questions) any comments, corrections or suggestions you might have about the FAQ itself, or about this web site, or just to tell me about your recent visit to Disneyland Paris, are of course most welcome. Also, any topical information that you can provide me with after your visit (e.g. Entertainment Programmes, Guest Guidebooks, etc.) help me enormously in keeping this FAQ up to date.

Andre Willey
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