(presented at Disneyland Paris during 1997)
Clopin leads the Hunchback of Notre Dame parade.
Boo hiss - it's Judge Claude Frollo.
The houses of Paris join in the parade.
A closer view of one of the 'dancing houses'.
Even Notre Dame cathedral herself is dancing along the streets of Disneyland Paris.
Just because you're a brigde over the Seine doesn't mean you don't know how to party!
Topsy Turvy time!
There are presumably no vegetarians in Paris.
Pheobus sits astride his mighty steed, Achilles (thankfully Achilles doesn't sit on anyone else).
Quasimodo rolls along in his own mobile bell-tower.
Colourful gypsy dancers precede Esmaralda's float.
The fiesty Esmarala herself dances in her own float.
A replica of the stained glass window of Notre Dame cathedral forms the finale of the parade...
... complete with those three fun-loving gargoyles to wave goodbye.

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