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Obtaining the Disneyland Paris FAQ List
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Official, Commercial and Academic Sites

The following sites contain official or commercial information, many run by organisations that provide live information, online booking, etc.
  • Disneyland Paris has now launched its own official web site - and it's great! Not only can you find out all the latest information on the attractions, hotels and events, plus make reservations, but there are also financial, press and travel agent sections. New features include up-to-date timetable information, details of current and forthcoming special events, sound files and music clips from the attractions and even some video sequences to watch. This site is well worth a visit. The site is available in six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch) and is located at

  • The park also has its own CompuServe information area. To check it out for yourself, just "GO DLP" (or "GO DLPUK" for the English language version without the international menus).

  • For weather reports for the Paris area, check out

  • For details on local school holiday dates, visit the French government schools website

  • For price and timetable information on Eurostar's channel tunnel rail service from England to DLP, visit

  • For alternative hotel information in the Disneyland Paris vicinity, try

  • Daily share prices from the Paris Bourse (French stock market) can be found in French or English on the net via or you could also try

  • US stock prices can be found at or

  • For an academic look at the cultural problems faced by Disney in setting up Euro Disneyland, check out "The Walt Disney Company's Euro Disneyland Venture: A study in corporate foreign expansion" by Lyn Burgoyne at

  • The Ultimate Disney Links Page is a great source for general Disney information and contains lots of links to other DLP related sites. Its URL is

  • Obtaining the Disneyland Paris FAQ List

    This site is now the main distribution resource for the Disneyland Paris Frequently Asked Questions List. Please click here if you want to download a copy. I've also recently added a number of photographs, including shots of the Fifth Anniversary weekend and some more general park views to this web site. I hope you like them.

    There is also a web site which holds a point-and-click version of the FAQ, and a further series of full-colour JPEG photos of various aspects of the park. All of the unique attractions are featured, plus many other details such as shows, parades, hotels, a colour map, and several other images. Please note that due to pressures of work of the part of the site maintainer, this site may not be as current as the downloadable version of the FAQ mentioned above. The URL is

    An FTP site for the FAQ and related files is also available at Full ASCII text and PostScript versions of this FAQ (again, these are older editions) are available in the directory /pub/disney/faq/, while the JPEG image files (at higher quality settings that those used at the WWW site) are stored in the directory /pub/disney/images/. This site is maintained by Tom Drynda (now at a new email address,, the originator of the first version of the Euro Disney FAQ.

    Non-commercial (mostly fan-run) Disneyland Paris Sites

    The following web sites are all run on an amateur basis, and no guarantees can be given as to their content. If you run a site which includes information about Disneyland Paris, please let me know by email so I can add the details here.
    (Phil's Guide to DLP - great pages, lovely pics, sounds)
    ("We're Going On A Holiday" - very nice DLP information and photo pages from Greg Orwin. Well worth a visit)
    (Tom Shaw ('s "Hidden Mickeys" lists, and other DLP stuff. Tom's pages are available in multiple languages including French, Italian, Spanish, German - including some translations of this FAQ)
    (images, script for Phantom Manor, by NEW
    (the best Phantom Manor and Haunted Mansion information on the Internet - including the entire soundtrack!)
    (Geert van Buul ('s holiday photos of Paris and the park)
    (fan page and guide - text is in English and Italian)
    (Alex Kooney's Disneyland Paris trip report & photos page)
    (includes recent Carnival of Fools info & pics)
    (Boz's DLP pages; big opening film show which slow modem users may wish to skip past)
    (neat pictures of DLP passports, plus other stuff)
    (Star Tours pages, lots of great info & pics)
    (short virtual guide to DLP, with sounds, pictures and Paris info)
    (the R.A.W. guide to Disneyland Paris. Online guidebook, hints & tips, contacts, etc.)
    (DLP holiday pics, presented by Josh Catalfo)
    (holiday report with pictures)
    (Disneyland Paris InterPark - Bjorn Foldenauer's interactive pictorial tour)
    (news and info, including some DLP stuff; English or German)
    (may not currently be online)
    (Disneyland Paris info and photos - may be offline at present)
    (DisneyFreak's DL Paris Page - may now link into updated site)
    (Gordon E. Peterson II's DLP site)
    (in German)
    (in French)
    (Disneyland Paris night pictures, text in French)
    (another good site in German)
    (in Italian)
    (New location for Thomas 1000's DLP tour, in German or English. Features 450+ pictures!)
    (German DLP website)
    (Disney Live Cameras Archive, includes some pictures of the DLP Fifth Anniversary)
    ("The Lift Hill" - a roller coaster fan page, with a section on DLP's Space Mountain)
    (DLP web site with lots of photos and sound clips including the Space Mountain music)
    (Spanish DLP pages, by Peter & Wendy)
    (Chris' homepage - UK Disney/DLP resource information)
    (Edwin Hendriks' trip report and photographs of his March 1997 visit to DLP)
    (Henk Rutten's photographs of the 1997 DLP Christmas Parade) NEW
    (Secret Corners @ DLP - fan site dedicated to the art, imagineering and technical excellence of the park) NEW
    (DLP site run by Mark Jochems, The Netherlands) NEW
    (Lots of online videos and music, plus pictures and info on Disneyland Paris) NEW
    (Felix Mueller's Space Mountain, Paris, fan pages - but remember, you have to be at least 1m40 tall...) NEW
    (European Coaster Club, publishers of the First Drop Magazine) NEW
    (Steve's DLP site) NEW
    (Didier Ghez's excellent Disney Book Network - info on every Disney book you ever wanted to know about!) NEW
    ("Ambrose goes to Disneyland Paris" - a trip report from a junior perspective) NEW
    ("The Sound of Magic" - loads of DLP sounds and music, including the entire Timekeeper movie) NEW
    (DLP fan page with trip photos and some music - mainly Space Mountain) NEW
    (A virtual journey to DLP by Stefan Tiesing. Includes photos of New Year's Eve 1998)
    (DLP fan page with trip photos and some music - mainly Space Mountain) NEW
    (Stefan Gref's Disneyland Paris Photo Gallery)

    Internet resources (newsgroups, mailing lists, etc.)

    There is now a dedicated mailing list for discussions and questions about Disneyland Paris. To join, send an email to with "subscribe" (excluding the quotes) as the message subject. See you there! NEW

    For chatter about Disney theme parks in general, join the usenet newsgroup rec.arts.disney.parks.


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