Download the FAQ


I can't get the files to download at all - HELP!

Try clicking the RIGHT mouse button over the choice that you require, and then use the 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' option from the menu which drops down. You can then choose a folder (on your own computer's hard drive) in which to store the new file. The download process may take a few minutes, especially if you have a slower modem.

OK, I've now got this 'ZIP' file - what do I do with it?

'ZIP' format files use a special compression system to make the file smaller for faster transmission over the Internet. However, before you can use the file's contents you must 'unzip' them. If you already have an unzip program on your computer you can use that now to extract the contents of the file.

Otherwise, an excellent choice for Windows users is WinZip, which can be downloaded for free from

I need the latest version of the FAQ so I've downloaded the newest Word 97 file - but how do I view it?

The latest files are saved in Microsoft Word's document format. If you don't happen to own this particular program, it may be possible that you can still load it into your own word processor - see your word processor documentation for details,

If you don't own a word processor that is capable of loading Word97 format files, you can download a free viewer program from Microsoft's web site, Look in the 'Word' section, under the sub-heading 'Downloads', for programs entitled 'Viewer for Word 97...

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