(12th April 1997)
Just before 9am on Saturday 12th April the world's press and a large crowd of onlookers gather to watch the dignitaries arrive at Fantasia Gardens, directly in front of the Disneyland Hotel and the park gates.
Roy Disney chats to Gilles Pélisson, Disneyland Paris's CEO, with several of the 'European Disney Legend' recipients in the background.
Roy Disney stands side-by-side with his Uncle's most famous creation, Mickey Mouse.
After an introduction from Roy Disney, Gilles Pélisson and Mickey Mouse prepare to unveil the statue.
The balloons which hide the statue are released, and after some gentle persuasion they float away into the sunny Parisian morning.
The four-metre tall European Disney Legends statue, as sculpted by Andrea Favilli, in all its glory.
The scroll at the base of the statue reads, in English and French:
THE SPIRAL stands for imagination, the power of an idea.
THE HAND holds the gifts of skill, discipline, and craftsmanship.
THE WAND and the star represent magic, the spark that is ignited when imagination and skill combine to create a new dream.

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