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17th Sept: Newhaven Port and Properties prospects

Picture of Norman Baker and Patrick Jeanne, Chairman of NPP, shaking hands at Newhaven Port

Newhaven could within ten years become the major centre for renewable energy along the south coast under ambitious plans announced today. Over the last two years the new management of NPP has been seeking new commercial activities particularly in the renewable energy field, a move strongly supported by the town's MP Norman Baker. Norman in fact has raised this matter with Ministers and a study issued in March 2009 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, DECC, flagged Newhaven and the port facilities as the most convenient place for implementing offshore wind industry.

At a top-level meeting between Patrick Jeanne and Norman Baker held in Newhaven this morning to discuss it further, Patrick Jeanne, Chairman of NPP, Vice Chairman of Conseil Général Seine Maritime and Mayor of Fécamp said:

"The Conseil General of Seine Maritime is supporting actively the ferry link Dieppe/Newhaven through the loan in payment of both vessels and the grant, 14 millions Euros per year, allocated to LD Lines-Transmanche Ferries. However Conseil General would like to reduce significantly its contribution. This grant could be reduced by increasing the traffic. To achieve it, it means bigger ferries and new port infrastructure. NPP is not able to finance itself such investments, £80 million, and the economical studies carried out at the time of the both due diligences with Apollo-Bannerton and Oakdene made it clear to us that port regeneration could not be financed by housing development!

"NPP must find another way and new partners industrial and financial to regenerate the port infrastructures for maintaining and developing maritime activities in Newhaven. This new deal could be only through an industrial plan able to create sustainable development, wealth and employment in Newhaven area which explains our commitment in the offshore wind industry.

"I reviewed the Newhaven Port Strategic Location Study which is now completed and NPP Port Master Plan which is under consideration. This plan is in its early stage. The stakeholders involved in the Port regeneration will be contacted at the most convenient time in 2010. NPP will attend with its Consultants the next meeting of Newhaven Strategic Network planned beginning of November in order to introduce this project to the stakeholders.

"The Newhaven Port Strategic Location Study includes a relocation of the ferry terminal and berth facilities for any industrial project related to maritime activities."

SEEDA representatives have invited Patrick Jeanne and NPP to go further. They ensured him of their commitment to working for major investment in Newhaven Port. Furthermore Patrick Jeanne recalled:

Norman Baker MP added:

"I am pleased by the determined way in which NPP is looking to transform the port and secure its financial future. It is right to have identified the potential offered by offshore renewables and I thoroughly support them in this endeavour. Moreover I have no doubt that a huge opportunity exists for Newhaven through NPP's regeneration plan and I hope to see the Company's Master Plan as soon as possible and consult the local community for their comments. I will continue to support actively NPP in this project."

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