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Rapenchuk, Denise Rae (Private-)
Rapenchuk, Derek (Private-)
Rapenchuk, Drew (Private-)
Rapenchuk, George (Private-)
Rapenchuk, Greg Richard (Private-)
Ratliff, Christopher Ryan (Private-)
Ratliff, Harold (Private-)
Ratliff, Shawn Hiroshi (1978-2000)
Rego, Alexander (Private-)
Reynolds, Jacquelyn Louise (Private-)
Ricci, David Elmo (Private-)
Rice, Harriet Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Hariet (-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Joelle Dru (Private-)
Richardson, Ralph (Private-)
Richardson, Samuel (Private-)
Ridley, Ellen (-1878)
Rives, Jeanne (1868-1957)
Roberson, Sonja (Private-)
Roberts, William Arthur (Private-)
Robertson, E.T. (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Desmond (Private-)
Robinson, Michael James (Private-)
Robinson, Victor (-UNKNOWN)
Roby, Alice English (Private-)
Rogers, Corinne (Private-)
Rogers, Edward S. (-1988)
Rogers, Elsa Kathleen (Private-)
Rogers, Leonard Reginal (Private-)
Rogers, Marjorie Una (Private-)
Rogers, Reginal Oithain Moore (1905-1905)
Rogers, Reginald A.P. (-1923)
Rose, Heather (Private-)
Ross, ??? Sir (-UNKNOWN)
Roucairol, Adele (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Daniel (Private-)
Rowe, Joshua (Private-)
Rowe, Wayne (Private-)
Rowell, Ann (Private-)
Rowland, Eileen Violet Martin (25 APR 1914-BEF. 1998)
Ruffin, Harriet Olivia (22 MAY 1816-3 AUG 1858)
Rutherford, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

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