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A range of freelance or contracted services: reviews, comment and feature writing in either specialist IT or of a more general nature.

Interests are many:

in IT, dial-up communications, WWW, DTP, MIDI/Sound and digital photography are of particular interest.
Other interests include theatre and entertainment, reading both fiction and non-fiction, cooking, pets (Paul's family owns two Pekingese dogs, four cats, a parakeet, two hamsters, a rabbit... and has in the recent past he has sucessfully bred the Symphosodon species of Amazonian Cichlid - otherwise known as 'Discus'.

At present, items are being produced for a number of clients, inlcuding Practical PC Update (Web Design and Maintenance) and Practical PC on AOL (keyword for AOL members: PPC) where examples of work can be seen.

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