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Like all little boys I have always played with toy soldiers, Never mind mother said, he'll grow out of it! Ha! Then I discovered lead soldiers and painting them. Oh dear all that and an interest in gadgets and technology. It was bound to get out of hand.

I play often down the Wargames club in Kingston, they can be found here at the clubs home page.

Slowly over time I hope to fill this site out. Some items like the Hungarians took a fair amount of work and research. I intend to share with all what I have discovered, and where I found it.

My interest lay mainly in the following areas. The end of the first world war, Russian Civil War, Russian Polish War. conflicts of the Interwar Years WW2s other combatants and Finally the Bush Wars of post WW2.

Check out the following pages.

Sci-Fi wargaming.

Full Thrust

Post WW2 Banana Republicanism/Bush Wars.

An Introduction to Bush Wars and Banana Republicanisim.

Soviet Equipment likely to be seen in a bush war.

US Equipment likely to be seen in a bush war

Other Equipment likely to be seen in a bush war.

Junta, West End Games famous board game.

Our own insurgency in Kakara! Home of the Kakaran Blue Faced Monkey.

Rapid Fire Mods. Part one, weapons and equipment.

Rapid Fire Mods. Part two, suppression rules.

AK-47 Banana Republic Links. Not the game i play, but a source od inpiration.


WW2 - The Unusual Suspects of the 2nd world war. A Lengthy How to, for building the forces of minor nations of the 1920's, 1930's and early 1940's

Weapons and equipment of the Unusual Suspects.

Paint Job Conversion / Morph-able force example. Army of the Adrian.

Hungarians. A 2nd  example of a paint-job Conversion army.

Germans. *Project yet to be photographed.

Russians. *Project yet to be started. I was thinking of Soviet Naval Infantry.

Rapid Fire amendments for the Early War.

WW1 and Post WW1 Conflicts.

Rapid Fire amendments for late First World War and the inter war period.

Recommended books for research.

Links for Wargaming.