Some pictures .... which may take a little time to load ... maybe five minits.

Frances Ross Frog on her Birthday Two fingers Brian & Frances
Aubry at a party Andrew & Andrew Tim Caroline Ross
Lunar eclipse 1 2 3 Frogs Brirthday cake for me
Bally with the video game Bally asleep on a shelf Elliot Mr. Scott
Our old neibours, the Cooks Molly Gerry, who put up with me at Peter Soar Solicitors. Josephine, tried to teach me Greek
Tony & Alison Wings, Alison - marry me. Alison and Tara Alison and her man
Tim & Lorna Daniel & Brenda John & Tania Graham French
Mary & Andrew Mary wins John playing tennis Yvonne
Punting on the river Cam. David Baldwin Johnathan Oakly Matthew Elton & John Cupitt