Track our bikes from Land's End to John O'Groats

The first two weeks of August this year I am making a third trip on my bicycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, this time self-supporting and travelling with a friend Martin Cockersole. In addition to all the necessary cycling paraphenalia, I will be carrying a GPS tracking unit, containing the embedded software I have developed for the Crosland Company, and powered by a 3 KG battery. This will enable any of our sponsors with a mobile phone to find out in real time our present whereabouts, speed, direction, daily distance, and daily journey.

I am raising money for the NSPCC, St Elizabeth's Hospice Ipswich, Cancer charities and Greenpeace. If you would like to contribute, please send your offer or cheque payable to one of these charities or myself to Peter Seaman, Chandos Lodge, Eye, Suffolk IP23 7AQ. Tel: 01379-870770 or 01379-870695 or mobile 07768-003720. Cheques made payable to me will be split between the charities - no money will be deducted for expenses.

Visit Martin's website for more information of this end 2 end tour:

Report of trip

To Track Us

To find out were we are NOW from your mobile phone is easy. Just send a text (SMS) message consisting of W (single letter: must be upper case W, not w) to 07771 797220. Within a minute or so you should get a response like the following:

At 14:33 BST on 27/06 was 001.8 miles NE of Hereford. 14 MPH Heading N. Started at 08:22, cycling 04h 12m, 63 miles. Last stop 07:14 Ludlow 10 minutes

Send a J for a summary of today's journey. The response will be something like

07:28-Lands 08:28-Penzan 09:54-Penzan 10:55-Truro 11:55-St Col 12:55-Wadebr 13:55-Wadebr 15:29-Tintag 16:30-Widemo 17:33-Bude , 18:33-Bude 18:38-Clovel

Send ;Jnn for a more detailed summary of today's journey - every 30 minutes from nn O'clock. e.g.


07:02 001mi SW Land's ; 07:34 004mi NE Land's ; 08:05 000mi SE Penzanc; 08:45 001mi E Penzanc; 09:27 004mi NE Penzanc; 10:02 004mi SW Truro ;

;Jnn mm is the same as ;Jnn except that the interval between reported positions since nn O'clock is approximately mm minutes instead of 30 minutes, for example

;J07 12

07:24 001mi SW Land's ; 07:36 004mi NE Land's ; 07:49 000mi SE Penzanc; 08:05 001mi E Penzanc; 08:27 004mi NE Penzanc; 08:47 004mi SW Truro ;

The phone number of the tracking unit on the bicycle is 07771 797220. You are invited to pass this number and the above information to anyone interested in making a charitable contribution. The voice mobile number of the cyclists is 07768-003720 (Peter) or 07947 016775.

The tracking hardware for the trip is supplied by the Crosland Company, who are also generously paying for the outgoing text messages to your phone.

Here is an example of a recent training ride here in suffolk, showing a position every mile. On the actual tour to John O'Groats, the system will record a position at least every half-mile.

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