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NEVER NOTHING FROM NO ONE (Cockpit Theatre, London NW8; opened 13 January, 2000)

ROMEO AND JULIET (Westminster Theatre, London SW1; opened 13 January, 2000)

THE PRICE OF MEAT (Riverside Studios, London W6; opened 17 January, 2000)

DON CARLOS (The Pit, London EC2; opened 18 January, 2000)

HAMLET FIRST CUT (Bloomsbury Theatre, London WC1; opened 18 January, 2000)

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Barbican Theatre, London EC2; opened 19 January, 2000)

SEAGULLS (BAC [Battersea Arts Centre], London SW11; opened 19 January, 2000)

WINNER TAKES ALL (Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond; opened 21 January, 2000)

KRAPP'S LAST TAPE (New Ambassadors Theatre, London WC2; opened 27 January, 2000)

BALLAD OF YACHIYO (Gate Theatre, London W11; opened 28 January, 2000)

BYZANTIUM .00AD (Union Chapel, London N1; opened 31 January, 2000)

GLASGOW CITIZENS FEBRUARY OPENINGS: Jazz/Endgame/The Pleasure Man (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow; opened 2-4 February, 2000)

A PLACE AT THE TABLE (Bush Theatre, London W12; opened  11 February, 2000)

POISON (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 21 February, 2000)

CIRCUS OZ (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; opened 1 March, 2000)

EVERYTHING MUST GO (Sherman Theatre, Cardiff/touring; opened 1 March, 2000)

THE FREE STATE (Bath Theatre Royal/touring; opened 8 March, 2000)

METROPOLIS KABARETT (Terrace Café, Royal National Theatre, London SE1; opened 17 March, 2000)

GREEKS: Oedipus/ElectraMedea (Tramway @ The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow; 18 March, 2000)

CELEBRATION/THE ROOM (Almeida Theatre, London N1; opened 22 March, 2000)

FILTH (Bush Theatre, London W12; opened 22 March, 2000)

EQUUS (Salisbury Playhouse; opened 24 March, 2000)

THE GHOST TRAIN TATTOO (Manchester Royal Exchange; opened 27 March, 2000)

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI (Colchester Mercury; opened 4 April, 2000)

INNER CITY JAM (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; opened 5 April, 2000)

THE MAN WHO STOLE A WINTER COAT (Lyric Studio Hammersmith, London W6; opened 6 April, 2000)

PHAEDRA (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh; opened 18 April, 2000)

NATIONAL STUDENT DRAMA FESTIVAL (Various venues, Scarborough; 12-19 April, 2000)

SINGLE SPIES (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; opened 20 April, 2000)

THE WAY OF THE WORLD (Manchester Royal Exchange; opened 25 April, 2000)

MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (New Ambassadors Theatre, London WC2; opened 26 April, 2000)

THE CHERRY ORCHARD (Forum Theatre, Malvern/touring; opened 28 April, 2000)

BOXED (Riverside Studios, London W6; opened 10 May, 2000)

THE RECRUITING OFFICER (Chichester Festival Theatre; opened 16 May, 2000)

DENIAL (Bristol Old Vic; opened 17 May, 2000)

DOLLY WEST'S KITCHEN (Old Vic Theatre, London SE1; opened 17 May, 2000)

BE MY BABY/ANGELS AND SAINTS (Soho Theatre + Writers' Centre, London W1; opened 22 May, 2000)

NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS (Dominion Theatre, London W1; opened 23 May, 2000)

STONES IN HIS POCKETS (New Ambassadors Theatre, London WC2; opened 24 May, 2000)

THE TEMPEST (Shakespeare's Globe, London SE1; opened 26 May, 2000)

HEARTBREAK HOUSE (Chichester Festival Theatre; opened 30 May, 2000)

FIREFACE (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London SW1; opened 31 May, 2000)

VENECIA (Gate Theatre, London W11; opened 2 June, 2000)

MRS WARREN'S PROFESSION (Manchester Royal Exchange; opened 5 June, 2000)

WONDERFUL TENNESSEE (Nottingham Playhouse; opened 6 June, 2000)

HOUSE/LIGHTS (Glasgow Tramway; opened 8 June, 2000)

SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Hampstead Theatre, London NW3; opened 8 June, 2000)

MRS STEINBERG AND THE BYKER BOY (Bush Theatre, London W12; opened 9 June, 2000)

MARCHING ON (Lyric Theatre, Belfast; opened 13 June, 2000)

THE SEA (Minerva Studio, Chichester; opened 13 June, 2000)

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London NW1; opened 16 June, 2000)

THE YORK MILLENNIUM MYSTERY PLAYS (York Minster; opened 22 June, 2000)

THE ADVENTURES OF PERICLES, PRINCE OF TYRE (Ludlow Castle; opened 24 June, 2000)

WOMEN ON THE VERGER (Lyric Studio Hammersmith, London W6; opened 26 June, 2000)

PRESENT LAUGHTER (Birmingham Rep; opened 27 June, 2000)

THE WINTER'S TALE (Southwark Playhouse, London SE1; opened 29 June, 2000)

THE DUTCH COURTESAN (Wimbledon Studio Theatre, London SW19; opened 4 July, 2000)

LA LUPA (The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon; opened 4 July, 2000)

ROMEO AND JULIET (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon; opened 5 July, 2000)

STOLEN (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 6 July, 2000)

MILLENNIUM MYSTERIES (Coventry Cathedral; opened 18 July, 2000)

THE BENCH (BAC [Battersea Arts Centre], London SW11; opened 19 July, 2000)

THE GIFT (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 24 July, 2000)

A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS (Chichester Festival Theatre; opened 25 July, 2000)

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (Barbican Theatre, London EC2; opened 27 July, 2000)

THE GRADUATE (Gielgud Theatre, London W1; new cast opened 8 August, 2000)

THE SIMPSONS-MANIA TOUR 2000 (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; 14 August, 2000)

LA CAVA (Piccadilly Theatre, London W1; re-opened 21 August, 2000)

SAY NOTHING (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

SPLENDOUR (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

IN ON IT (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE ERPINGHAM CAMP (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

RUM AND VODKA/THE GOOD THIEF (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

STARTING HERE, STARTING NOW (Augustine's, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE BOGUS WOMAN (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ALONE IT STANDS (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

OMID DJALILI: WARM TO MY WINNING SMILE (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE GIMMICK (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

EDINBURGH FRINGE 1 THEATRE: The Gimmick/The Bogus Woman/Splendour/In On It/Say Nothing (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

LOCO COUNTY LONESOME (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE BICYCLE BRIDGE (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ABANDONMENT (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

YLLANA'S 666 (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

STAND-UP A PLAY ABOUT COMEDY (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

MacHOMER (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE ZERO YARD (The Garage, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ACHILLES (Club Pleasance @ Potterrow, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

KING OF SCOTLAND (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE DONKEY SHOW (Club Pleasance @ Potterrow, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

LULU (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

WANTED MAN (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ARE YOU DAVE GORMAN? (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

RUSSELL PETERS: COMEDY CHAMELEON (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

NO. 2 (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ARTAUD IN WONDERLAND (Komedia @ Southside, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ROBERT NEWMAN: RESISTANCE IS FERTILE (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

CARDOSO FLEA CIRCUS (Edinburgh's switch2.net Garden Party; August, 2000)

DECKY DOES A BRONCO (Scotland Yard Playground, George V Park, Canonmills, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

WHITE MEN WITH WEAPONS (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT (Komedia @ Southside, Edinburgh; August, 2000)


RICH HALL IS OTIS LEE CRENSHAW (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

GARTH MARENGHI'S FRIGHT KNIGHT (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ARTHUR SMITH SINGS LEONARD COHEN (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

MAURICE CLARK IS A MAN OF SUBSTANCE IN A WORLD OF FILTH (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

HOPELESS GAMES (Komedia @ Southside, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

EDINBURGH FRINGE 2 COMEDY: Are You Dave Gorman?/Rich Hall Is Otis Lee Crenshaw/Russell Peters: Comedy Chameleon/Omid Djalili: Warm To My Winning Smile/Robert Newman: Resistance Is Fertile (Various venues, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

EDINBURGH FRINGE 3 NOVELTY SHOWS: Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen/The Donkey Show/Cardoso Flea Circus/Puppetry Of The Penis  (Various venues, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

VOICES (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

VOMIT AND ROSES (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THUNDERSTRUCK (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE ANTIPODES (Shakespeare's Globe, London SE1; opened 18 August, 2000)

TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND (Bongo Club, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE HOLLOW MEN: LIVE AT THE LOUNGE (Gilded Balloon at Tailor's Hall, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

OWEN O'NEILL: IT WAS HENRY FONDA'S FAULT (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

3 DARK TALES (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE SECOND AMENDMENT CLUB (C Underbelly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE BOOTHBY GRAFFOE SHOW (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE READER (Scotsman Assembly, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

EVER AFTER (Rocket @ St John's Hall, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

CRUCIFIXION (Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

EDINBURGH FRINGE 4 THEATRE: Voices/Thunderstruck/Owen O'Neill: It Was Henry Fonda's Fault/The Reader (Various venues, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

KINDLING (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE GOD SHOW (Club Pleasance @ Potterrow, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

WANTED (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

NEW BOY (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE WEIRD SISTERS: LOVEPLAY (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

SCOTT CAPURRO (Pleasance, Edinburgh; )August, 2000

BRENDON BURNS (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

STATIC (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

SPACE BOY (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

STIFF: UNDERTAKING UNDERTAKING (Club Pleasance @ Potterrow, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

FOUR HORSEMEN UK (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE ORANGE GIRLS (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

ÜBERWORLD (C Too, Edinburgh; August, 2000)


MAYBELLENE THE LIVING FASHION DOLL (Pleasance, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

JEFFREY COBB'S STRESS MANAGEMENT ROADSHOW (Komedia @ Southside, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

THE LONDON THING (C, Edinburgh; August, 2000)

EDINBURGH FRINGE: A few closing words (August, 2000)

ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM (Arden's House, Faversham, Kent; opened 30 August, 2000)

TWELFTH NIGHT (Birmingham Rep; opened 5 September, 2000)

MARTIN NIGHT (King's Head Theatre, London N1; opened 7 September, 2000)

CROSSING (Riverside Studios, London W6; opened 8 September, 2000)

AN DIE MUSIK (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 11 September, 2000)

GHOSTS (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester; opened 11 September, 2000)

ARISTOCRATS (Minerva Studio, Chichester; opened 12 September, 2000)

VINCENT RIVER (Hampstead Theatre, London NW3; opened 13 September, 2000)


ALCESTIS (Viaduct Theatre, Dean Clough, Halifax/touring; opened 18 September, 2000)

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (Playhouse Theatre, London WC2; opened 19 September, 2000)

GLASGOW CITIZENS SEPTEMBER OPENINGS: Funhouse/Two Way Mirror/Blithe Spirit (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow; opened 20-22 September, 2000)

THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH (Queen's Theatre, London W1; Opened 9 October, 2000)

THE CIRCLE (Salisbury Playhouse; opened 9 October, 2000)

FURTHER THAN THE FURTHEST THING (Royal National Theatre [Cottesloe], London SE1; opened 10 October, 2000)

HYSTERIA (Minerva Studio, Chichester; opened 10 October, 2000)

WINE IN THE WILDERNESS/WATER (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 16 October, 2000)

NAPOLEON (Shaftesbury Theatre, London WC2; opened 17 October, 2000)

MADAME MELVILLE (Vaudeville Theatre, London WC2; opened 18 October, 2000)

TANTALUS (Denver Performing Arts Centre; opened 21 October, 2000)

FALLEN ANGELS (Apollo Theatre, London W1; opened 25 October, 2000)

MR ENGLAND (Crucible Theatre, Sheffield; opened 26 October, 2000)

HOWIE THE ROOKIE (Bush Theatre, London W12; opened 27 October, 2000)

THE MYSTERY OF CHARLES DICKENS (Albery Theatre, London WC2; re-opened 30 October, 2000)

COPENHAGEN (Duchess Theatre, London WC2; reviewed October, 2000)

THE WOMAN IN BLACK (Fortune Theatre, London WC2; opened 15 February, 1989 (Strand Theatre, London WC2) reviewed October, 2000)

BLOOD BROTHERS (Phoenix Theatre, London WC2; opened 27 August, 1988 (Albery Theatre, London WC2) reviewed October, 2000)

AN INSPECTOR CALLS (Garrick Theatre, London WC2; opened 11 September, 1992 (Royal National Theatre [Lyttelton], London SE1) reviewed October, 2000)

THE BEAUTIFUL GAME (Cambridge Theatre, London WC2; opened 26 September, 2000 reviewed October, 2000)

HE STUMBLED (Riverside Studios, London W6; opened 1 November, 2000)

BELFAST FESTIVAL: Convictions/Naked Lunch/Fish/La Chunga: The Woman Of Our Dreams (Various venues, Belfast; November, 2000)

FRENCH AND SAUNDERS: LIVE IN 2000 (Apollo Hammersmith, London W6; opened 7 November, 2000)

THE NUALAS (Lyric Hammersmith, London W6; opened 7 November, 2000)

ART (Wyndham's Theatre, London WC2; new cast opened 9 November, 2000)

RUBY WAX: STRESSED (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 14 November, 2000)

BRIDGES AND HARMONIES (Bridewell Theatre, London EC4; opened 14 November, 2000)

THE CARETAKER (Comedy Theatre, London SW1; opened 15 November, 2000)

HALF A SIXPENCE (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; opened 21 November, 2000)

LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (Lyric Theatre, London W1; opened 21 November, 2000)

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (Barbican Theatre, London EC2; opened 29 November, 2000)

THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (ABRIDGED) (Criterion Theatre, London W1; opened 7 March, 1996 reviewed November, 2000)

BUDDY (Strand Theatre, London WC2; opened 12 October, 1989 [Victoria Palace Theatre, London SW1] reviewed November, 2000)

LES MISÉRABLES (Palace Theatre, London W1; opened 4 December, 1985 reviewed November, 2000)

THE MOUSETRAP (St Martin's Theatre, London WC2; opened 25 November, 1952 [Ambassadors Theatre, London WC2] reviewed November, 2000)

GLASGOW CITIZENS NOVEMBER OPENINGS: Death In Venice/Peer Gynt/Pal Joey (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow; opened 29 November-1 December, 2000)

THE ACCUSED (Theatre Royal Haymarket, London SW1; opened 5 December, 2000)

ANCIENT LIGHTS (Hampstead Theatre, London NW3; opened 6 December, 2000)

THE THREE MUSKETEERS (Young Vic, London SE1; opened 6 December, 2000)

UNCLE EBENEZER A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Battersea Arts Centre [BAC], London SW11; opened 6 December, 2000)

LIFE x 3 (Lyttelton Theatre, London SE1; opened 7 December, 2000)

THE WEXFORD TRILOGY: A Handful Of Stars/Poor Beast In The Rain/Belfry (Tricycle Theatre, London NW6; opened 10 December, 2000)

BLITHE SPIRIT (Leeds West Yorkshire Playhouse; opened 13 December, 2000)

A SERVANT TO TWO MASTERS (New Ambassadors Theatre, London WC2; opened 14 December, 2000)

THE TEMPEST (Almeida Theatre, London N1; opened 14 December, 2000)

THE MESSIAH (Bush Theatre, London W12; opened 15 December, 2000)

THE RIVALS (Barbican Theatre, London EC2; opened 18 December, 2000)

RICHARD II (The Pit, London EC2; opened 21 December, 2000)

CINDERELLA(Theatre Royal, Brighton) / ALADDIN (Palace Theatre, Watford) (December, 2000)

NOISES OFF (Royal National Theatre [Lyttelton], London SE1; opened 5 October, 2000 reviewed December, 2000)

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