Marco's Leisure Centre, Edinburgh
August, 1990

George Dillon performs this trio of adapted short stories with electrifying verbal and physical precision. Harry is a typical Steven Berkoff loser, and the first monologue Master Of Café Society (in its stage première) is the story of his breakfast. The nameless narrator of Robert Sproat's Stunning The Punters is an ex-skinhead recalling a racist graffiti spree. In Dostoevsky's Dream Of A Ridiculous Man we hear of a dream-world of innocence and caring, and the brand this leaves upon a suicidal wretch. Dillon's experience with Berkoff material is brought to bear on the other two pieces without smothering their own respective tones; the Dostoevsky piece is an emotional tour de force. Stunning The Punters is a breathtakingly arrogant name to give to a show; it is also entirely accurate.

Written for The Independent.

Copyright © Ian Shuttleworth; all rights reserved.

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