Great Northern Railway Tavern, London N8
Opened 23 April, 1991

It's kind of disturbing to find not only that this is effectively a one-person show, but that that person used to earn a crust by racking off Jane and Charlene as the class bitch of Erinsborough High in Neighbours. Kate Gorman's "attractive young psychic" is occasionally too ready with the self-deprecating, incredulous laugh in soliloquy, but plays the house with a lightness and intimacy which brings out the best in Brian West's warm and knowing (if plotted-by-numbers) script.

Former Wizzard drummer (I kid you not) Charlie Grima, as her irritating-bastard control spirit, handles his stand-up spots adequately but is either nervous at being on a theatrical stage or has a flawed line memory. The weakest link is Aaron Harris: his blocked-writer client/love interest succinctly defines the term "over the top" his caricature on the backdrop makes a more believable character than Harris himself. Theatrically a bit swings-and-roundabouts, but for straightforward entertainment, worth perusal.

Written for City Limits magazine.

Copyright Ian Shuttleworth; all rights reserved.

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