Tricycle Theatre, London NW6
Opened 8 April, 1992

"A personal view of drink, pubs and people" not "drinkers", you'll notice, because after the interval the theme becomes a pretext for a number of character monologues (sometimes without even a perfunctory introduction) and, in one extreme case, a chunk of observation-comedy about fear of flying... well, you drink on planes, don't you?

But, though the structure needs work (it's a relatively new show; Morrissey made several surreptitious glances at a running-order), the performance can't be faulted. Eamon Morrissey is a born Irish raconteur a brave fella for the craic whose previous solo shows around the works of Joyce, Swift and especially Myles na gCopaleen have honed his audience rapport and characterisations to a fine point. Through a number of figures (the Babylonian who first dared drink fermented muck, the Dublin yuppie, the ubiquitous pub bore) he weaves a charming and often rib-tickling tapestry of the multifarious delights of "just the one", and how it all too frequently leads to "never again"... until the next time. This man has seriously snogged the Blarney Stone.

Written for City Limits magazine.

Copyright Ian Shuttleworth; all rights reserved.

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