Elvis and Spike's Page

At last SHE has said we can have a web-page of our own, so here it is. Unfortunately she also said we'd have to write it ourselves. We're not very good at that sort of thing, but here goes.......

About us
Our names are Spike and Elvis, and our mum is Natasha. We were born in July 2003, but we're not sure exactly when. The people where our mum lived didn't want her or us, so they sent us to live at the Lewisham branch of the Celia Hammond Animal Trust when we were about five weeks old. They have lots of cats waiting for new homes, and when we were there they even had a ferret!

We had to stay there about two months before Ruth and Simon came along. Spike went to talk to them immediately (he's always been a big creep), and even mum stuck her head out of the cage to say hello. Elvis was a bit of a coward as usual! We went home with them that afternoon. They said it was the fourteenth anniversary of their first date, and the day before their tenth wedding anniversary.


 our first day - trying out Simon's wheelchair

 mum, looking all enigmatic

Since then we've had a great time finding our way around the house, getting into holes they didn't even know were there, and generally being helpful. It's a lovely big house with a long hallway - just right for hurtling. Mum was soon allowed out in the garden, but the Celia Hammond people were very strict about us not going out until we had had that little operation.

At the beginning of February we had to go to the v-e-t-s to have it done (Did the nurse really have to keep referring to it as castration?). We also got microchipped at the same time, and now we can go out in the garden with mum. We're just learning how the cat-flap works. Spike is the adventurous one; he's already climbed the apple tree, and been over the fence into next door's garden. Mum has seen the local siamese cat off a couple of times.

Here's a few more pictures to show how impossibly cute we are.


 Both of us

Computer cats




Watch this space for more news!