London Stansted Standard Routings

This page contains links to standard routings for flights from and to London Stansted. These flights all take place in real life, and the routings are as close to the real thing as possible - they are all compatible with European rules, and checked at the CFMU validation website. You will be able to choose from a variety of destinations, from Amsterdam to Antalya.

Decide and click on your preferred departure or destination airport, and you will find a wealth of information, from the route itself in ICAO format, for input into FMC or Squawkbox, and in FSNav format for users of that popular add-on. There are also links to the local VACC, for charts and/or scenery, and to suitable aircraft that can be downloaded.

Don't forget to check back regularly as new routes are added.


Andrew Mason
Regional Airport Manager, London Stansted