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Stansted Real Ops night - 22nd February 2004

This was the first time Vatsim-UK held a Real Ops Night, and it was a resounding success. Pilots were required to fly a scheduled flight into or out of Stansted exactly as it would be in the real world (both route and times). 21 departures and 33 arrivals were booked over a three hour period.

Our thanks in particular to Andrew Mason for masterminding the schedule and Sean Reedman as events organiser. Thanks also to the controllers who made it all possible, especially those who had to stand in at the last moment. Well done guys!

 Andrew Mason  Essex Radar    Colin Billing  LON_NW_CTR
 Matthew Aylmer  Stansted Director    Chris Norman  LON_NE_CTR
 Adam Rogers  Relief Stansted Director    Mike Hughes  LON_SW_CTR
 Martin Hodgson  Stansted Tower    Sean Reedman  LON_SE_CTR
 Martin Pirie  Stansted Ground    Graham Young  EGTT_S_CTR

Screenshots have been provided by Andrew Mason and Chris Yates.
(Click on the image for the full size version)