Useful Information

This page contains useful information that you may want when you are flying or controlling.

 Server List ICAO codes

 METAR abbreviations

Server List

This lists the European servers for both VATSIM and Roger Wilco. Details of other servers can be found at (click on "Complete Network Information"). The ServInfo programme is particularly useful as it lists all servers and their status, and shows you which controllers are using which servers. Note that the old UK1 server no longer exists - is the UK server for both Vatsim and Roger Wilco. To add the full server list to ASRC, click on ipaddr.txt and follow the instructions.

 IP address

VATSIM server

RW server




 Europe-CE  Europe-CW










ICAO aerodromes (popular UK and NI codes)

The full list can be found in the AIP (Aeronautical Information Package) Gen 2.4

ICAO code Location
EGAA Belfast Aldergrove
EGBB Birmingham
EGBE Coventry
EGCC Manchester
EGFF Cardiff
EGGD Bristol
EGGP Liverpool
EGGW London Luton
EGHH Bournemouth
EGHI Southampton
EGJJ  Jersey
EGLC  London City
EGLL London Heathrow
EGNR Hawarden
EGNX East Midlands
EGPF Glasgow
EGPH Edinburgh
EGSS London Stansted
EGVN Brize Norton

METAR weather abbreviations

The METAR is the routine report of the Aerodrome actual weather. The code elements are listed in the Vatsim ATC manuals. This is a list of the majority of weather abbreviations used in the METARs (including some unlikely to be seen in the UK!).

 BC - patches  DZ - drizzle  GS - small hail
or snow pellets
 PR - banks  SQ - squalls
 BL - blowing  FC - funnel cloud  HZ - haze  RA - rain  SS - sandstorm
 BR - mist  FG - fog  IC - ice crystals  SA - sand  TS - thunderstorm
 DR - drifting  FU - smoke  MI - shallow  SH - showers  VA - volcanic ash
 DS - duststorm  FZ - freezing  PL - ice pellets  SG - snow grains  VC - in vicinity
 DU - dust  GR - hail (>5mm)  PO - dust devils  SN - snow  + heavy - light

 CAVOK: visibility 10 km or more
  no cloud below 5000ft aal or highest MSA, and no cumulonimbus
  no weather significant to aviation