"The Gallery"

Our intrepid controllers have also been out and about in their various aircraft. Just click on the thumbnail to get a full screen picture.

 London Heliport (EGLW)

 (c) Jim Davey




 Vatsim-UK Sunday

 Stansted and Luton from the controllers side of the scope

 (c) Chris Yates


 Chris Yates' one engine experience
         (why does this only happen in exams?)

  screenshots and commentary (c) Chris Yates

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This makes a big difference to the darker pictures which have a load of detail.

  Starting the last engine after push back from gate 41 at Birmingham. The tower controller waits for the aircraft to call.
  Lining up on runway 15, ready to roll. "Ride the glide"...on one engine, nah! Down she goes.
  "Gear up ". Climbing away from runway 15. Short finals, fighting the winds.
  First approach to runway 28, not looking too bad. Trying to get the CRJ on the centreline, 3rd time lucky.
  Off centreline due to winds, too fast and landed too far down the runway, taking it back into the air again. Fire truck crew on standby the other side of 28 get ready to meet the CRJ.
  Looking right while turning onto downwind leg, runway 28. Tower Controller crosses his fingers!
  Missed the glideslope on the second approach, about to head right back to the beacon. Down at last, speedbrakes out and apply some reverse thrust.
   3rd attempt, turning to establish on the ILS runway 10 after requesting a runway change due to a 15-25 tail wind on 28. Fire truck on its way.
  1500ft on the localiser, waiting for the glide CRJ finally turns around and heads up the backtrack to the terminal.


Real world approach to
Rwy 10 at EGLC

 (c) Steve Masson


Descend with the glide


Cleared to land

Now try it online!

 (c) Sean Reedman


Establishing Rwy 10


On the Approach