ProController installation

Setting up ProController

  1. Download from the developers' web page or from Hawarden Virtual Airport download page.
  2. Unzip and install into the directory of your choice, using the setup file.
  3. The web link to the ProController manual in the Help folder no longer exists. You can find the manual here.
  4. PC already has radar maps in the sector folder, but these are not up-to-date. To control in Essex you should download the up-to-date UK sector file (egtt_airac), and the local sector file covering Luton and Stansted (essex_radar).  Both can be found on the files page of this website. These should be unzipped into the Procontroller/Sector Files/Europe folder. You may decide later to set up different folders for the sector files you use regularly.
  5. Now you can open Procontroller and "plug in".
  6. From the drop down menus select File/Open. Navigate your way to the UK sector file you just unzipped and open it. Your radar screen will show a map of the UK, and two or more smaller windows.
  7. Use the manual and experiment to find out what options are available in the menus. Some of the options only become active when you are connected to a VATSIM server.
  8. If you want to listen to voice as well as use text you need to install Roger Wilco. If you are only able to use text, then go straight to the Observers Guide. If is perfectly possible to be a controller on text only, but when you are observing other controllers the majority of the communications will be on voice.

Setting up Roger Wilco

  1. Download Roger Wilco Mk1c from VATSIM-UK or Hawarden Virtual Airport download page or Roger Wilco Mk1d3 from VATSIM-UK or the Roger Wilco website
  2. Unzip and install into the directory of your choice.
  3. Roger Wilco Mk1c help files are no longer available, but the help files for Mk1d are available at the Roger Wilco website, and are mostly relevant. You can also ask for help from the web-master at Hawarden Virtual Airport, either by e-mail or using the Live Help option.
  4. Open Roger Wilco.
  5. Before going online you should configure Roger Wilco. Click on the "Adjust" tab.
    1. Use the "test mike" to set your microphone level correctly
    2. Click on "Configure", then "Next"
    3. Most of the remaining settings can be left at their default values. If you are getting poor quality sound, then experiment with changing them.
    4. The "transmit" key is the one you will press when you want to speak. Use a key or a mouse button that you will not need for anything else.
    5. The internet connection speed should be "Slow modem".
    6. Your call-sign will allow people to recognise your name on Roger Wilco. Most people enter their name, and add their aircraft callsign, or ATC position as appropriate e.g. Ruth McTighe (G-RMCT, Essex_ATC).
  6. When finished, click on the "Transmit" tab, and make sure you have selected "press to talk" and NOT "voice activated".
  7. You are now ready to log on to a VATSIM voice room

Now go to the ProController Observers Guide