Advanced Simulated Radar Client (ASRC) v 1.1 installation

(version 1.1 - February 2004)

This guide is written for anyone who wants to start observing on Vatsim. It sets out the minimum configuration and software needed to observe ATC. Further information required for active controlling can be obtained via the links on the Essex ASRC resources page.

The combined Installation and Observers Guide can also be downloaded in Word format as ASRC v1.1 Observers Guide.doc

Setting up ASRC

  1. Download ASRC 1.1 (asrcsetup.exe) from the ASRC web page or the Vatsim-UK website (Downloads>Other)
  2. Install into the directory of your choice
  3. Once ASRC is installed there is a "quickstart.pdf" file in the ASRC directory which has information needed to complete setting up radio communications. The main ASRC manual is available online at both as webpages and as a pdf download. It assumes quite a lot of knowledge of ATC procedures, so don't feel put off when you first look at it - it will all make sense in due course.
  4. Download the UK radar map ( where xx is the month of the latest release). These maps are known as sector files. It can be found in the files section of the Essex website, or on under Downloads/sector files/CTR-TMA.
  5. You may also want to download a more detailed file for particular airports - for example essex_radar covers the Essex and East London area (Luton, Stansted, London City, Biggin Hill, Southend, Cambridge and Norwich).
  6. Create a folder for sector files, and unzip into this.
  7. Warning: make sure you are connected to the internet before you open ASRC 1.1. for the first time, or the IP address file will be corrupted. You do not need to be logged on to Vatsim.
  8. Open ASRC - the radar screen will appear.
  9. The first time you open ASRC the Audio set-up dialog should appear. If it does not, then click on Options>Audio to open it. The instructions for configuring the Audio settings are in the "quickstart.pdf" file in your ASRC folder - see the section headed "Built-in voice features - the new VSCS." When you receive the message that audio set-up is complete, close the audio set-up window and continue with these instructions. (You can choose to follow the quickstart.pdf instructions instead, but they are more complex than is needed for observing alone).
  10. Set your voice transmit button by typing .ptt <enter> and then the key you want to use for transmitting. Use a key you will not want for anything else, and which does not type a character to screen e.g. RIGHT_CTRL.
  11. From the drop down menus select File/Open. Navigate your way to the unzipped UK sector file and open it. Your radar screen will show a map of the UK. The default settings are adequate to start observing, but feel free to experiment.

Now go to the ASRC v1.1 Observers Guide