ASRC - Observer's Guide

Ruth McTighe - November 2003

To be an air traffic controller you need a program which will turn your computer into a radar and information screen, and allow you to communicate with pilots and other controllers. Vatsim controllers use ASRC (Advanced Simulated Radar Client), which closely resembles the real radar screens used by ATCOs in the USA.  I recommend using ASRC v 1.1, which was released in November 2003, as this has built-in voice capabilities as well as various other improvements.

These pages will show you how to log on to VATSIM using ASRC and how to make the most of being an observer.

Before you start, make sure you have a VATSIM CID (Controller Identification number) and password, and have joined the UK Division. Details of how to do all this are on the "Getting Started" page.

The links for setting up are:


 ASRC v1.0

ASRC v1.1
 Download and installation

 ASRC v1.0 Setup

 ASRC v1.1 setup
 Observers Guide

 ASRCv1.0 Guide

ASRCv1.1 guide
 Combined Installation and Observers
guides for download (Word format)

 ASRC Observers Guide.doc

 ASRCv1.1 Observers Guide.doc