ASRC resources

The Advanced Simulated Radar Client is a massive advance in virtual ATC technology. It closely resembles the real radar screens used by American ATC. As a result it is complex to work and will repay careful study of the manual (and then when you have studied it, read it again!).

But as usual, there are lots of people out there willing to help. This page attempts to collect links to web-based resources for ASRC. If you find any that you think should be included, or would like a link to your own work or have your file placed on this website, please e-mail the web-controller [smctighe(at)].

 The program   
 The ASRC website
   - program and manual
 Amended server list
 (with instructions for use)
 Support forums  
 ASRC official forum
 simflight support forum
 Vatsim-UK ASRC help
There are also relevant threads on the regular Vatsim forums.
 Observers guide (on this site)  ASRC Observers Guide.doc
 Setting up and using ASRC for  controlling (by Ilan Jonas)
 Using Roger Wilco with  TeamSpeak
 How to set up the Windows XP  firewall with ASRC and Roger  Wilco
 File collections  
Various useful add-ons can be found at
(search the file library for "asrc")
ASRC aliases for UK and a master UK position file