Essex is moving!

Following the inauguration of the Vatsim-UK Regional Training System, I am pleased to be able to announce the opening of the new Essex RTS website at   Run by the new RTS manager, Martin Leat, and the web-master, Ron McNeil, it will be the place to obtain information about ATC and flying in Essex and to meet up with the new Essex gang.

The Essex RAM website will be kept as an archive, and will become part of a new website with a more generalised ATC theme.

My thanks to all who have contributed to the Essex RAM site and made it such a success

Ruth McTighe

The Essex controllers welcome you to the world of online air traffic control. Perhaps you've wondered what ATC does, or maybe you fancy having a go yourself. You might even be considering become a real life air traffic controller. Or you may be a pilot who would like to fly in or out of Stansted or Luton.

Whatever your reason, we hope you enjoy reading these pages. They are being developed to provide a resource for controllers and pilots who want to make Essex flight simulation "as real as it gets". This is an ATC website, but we do direct you to other sites if you need help in learning to fly online - after all without pilots, we wouldn't have a job!


Ben H's Fokker gets stuck on the runway
(with Jim P on short final)
James S's exam at EGLC


Essex diary


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  Stansted Beginner's pack and Luton vectoring chart now on Files page (thanks to Adam Rogers)


  February-April controllers' statistics 
     Try the May Essex miniquiz


    Real Ops night screenshots


   ASRC v1.1 Observers guide updated to cover the vatsim.loc problem


   Major revision of links page
including new RA pages for Manchester and Coventry


   London/London City SVFR procedures


   Who's who? updated


  Installation and Observers Guide for ASRC v1.1 

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