Who's who in Essex?

Chris Norman

Founder of the Essex Regional Airports

Chris is the founder of the Essex RAM, and London FIR chief (VATUKF1). He is also the author of all those excellent sector files that we use for ATC.


Andrew Mason

Stansted Regional Airport Manager

This is the man who likes to have his procedures correct to the last detail - have a look at the Stansted web pages on this site


Sean Reedman

Luton Regional Airport Manager

Everyone has heard of Luton Airport - Sean is trying to get people to actually fly there! Sean is also the Events and Communications Assistant (VATUKP3) for Vatsim-UK




Chris Pawley

London City and Biggin Hill
Regional Airport Manager

Enthusiasm and energy - little airports with big ideas


Ruth McTighe


Vatsim-UK's only female ATCO, and web-controller for this site. Director of Communications for Vatsim-UK (VATUKP2).

Essex RAM - the controllers

Senior Instructor
Peter Ward (London FIR asst Chief)
Instructor  Chris Yates  (ATC training manager) 
Senior Controller
Ben Hunwicks (Military Chief)
Chris Norman (London FIR Chief)
Ben Thomson
Leslie Channell
Jim Davey
Simon Kelsey
Andrew Mason
Sean Reedman (Events and Comms asst)
Graham Young
Senior students
Matthew Aylmer
Craig Baillie
Alistair Cottle
Scott Eastwood
Tim Glithero
Jason Goodworth
James McRobbie
Ruth McTighe (Director of Communications)
Chris Pawley
Adam Rogers
Honorary Essex boys
Michael Benson
Vince Horan
Steve Masson

The Essex Students

London City 



 Biggin Hill

Thorsten Bauer
Roger Burton West
Benjamin Couchman
Danny Daniel
Albert Gale
Luke Hinson
Michael Hughes
Simon Irvine
Robert Kelsey
Christopher Pomeroy
Matthew Ridley
Scott Wayne
Adam Webb

Kevin Colton
Chris Doyle
Martin Hodgson
Ben Hollinsworth
Peter Mason
Stephen Noble
Martin Pirie
Cristian Popa
Joe Simon

Alan Parris
Kevin Patterson