The Essex Miniquiz - May 2004

Just a little brain teaser - no prizes, just the satisfaction of proving that you know what you are doing :-)

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1 Under the quadrantal rule which of these cruise levels should a pilot choose when flying a heading of 330 deg?
 a) FL 100 b) FL 105 c) FL 110
2 When cleared to an altitude, which pressure setting should be used for the altimeter?
 a) 1013.2 mb b) QFE c) QNH
3 Jettisoning of fuel over land should preferably be carried out not below which of these?
a) FL100 b) 10,000 ft amsl c) 10,000 ft agl
 4 What is the minimum clean speed for a B737?
a) 210 knots b) 230 knots c) 250 knots
 5 A pilot asks permission to backtrack. Which is the correct ATC response?
a) Roger b) Approved c) Affirm
 6 What is the METAR code for mist?
a) MI b) FG c) BR