Steve Cotterell

My principal IT interest is in running the Deaf - not stupid Facebook page (which you can reach by clicking HERE).  This is an area where you can find out about, and comment about products, resources and organisations that are of use to deaf and hard of hearing people.  It also feature news items of interest, along with videos, discussions and other items of interest.  I also run the associated archive web site (which you can reach by clicking HERE).  I am very keen to grow this Facebook page so, if you like it and think that it would be useful to anyone you know, please would you share it with them.

I live in the London Borough of Bromley, which is twinned with a German town, Neuwied, near Cologne and on the river Rhine.  I am a member of the local Town Twinning association and I run the association’s Facebook page.  You can visit that page by clicking HERE.

I enjoy writing poetry and belong to a local poetry club.  I also run this club’s Facebook page (which you can view by clicking HERE).  I have included several of the poems that I have written on this page and, if you’d like to read then, you can access that part of this site by clicking HERE.

I have my own Facebook page and, should you want to contact me, please message me via that page, which you can reach by clicking HERE.

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