I wrote this poem in 1995. I still like it and hope that you enjoy reading it.


Friend, let me take you by the hand
And walk with you through this rich land.
For there are things that you must see,
Like footprints in the sand.

See these relics from Egypt's past
Slumbering in the desert, vast
Pyramids of the ancient Kings
Are footprints in the sand.

Carnage along Dunkirk's bare beach
Where now forgotten bones lie bleach.
They made the greatest sacrifice
And footprints in the sand.

Human life has a minute span
And the mightiest deeds of man,
In time's swift flight, will count no more
Than footprints in the sand.

The hot desert wind no time heeds.
The tide recedes, returns, recedes.
So, my friend, what importance now
Your footprints in the sand.

Steve Cotterell 1995