Steve Cotterell

The Final Countdown

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Ten nasty bits of plastic

Floating in the sea.

If the human race keeps this up

It's the end for you and me.

Nine million tons of rubbish

Going to landfill

Because it's not recycled,

It's doing our Earth ill.

Eight dirty diesel motors

Spewing out their gasses.

These can really harm the health

Of all our lads and lasses.

Seven blinkered politicians

With their minds shut tight,

We must hope it's not too late

Before they see the light.

Six horrid little wetwipes

Flushed all down the loo

What a very careless thing

That is for you to do.

Five supersonic jets

Screaming across the sky

Pumping so much pollution

It makes you want to cry.

Four complacent little people

Comfy in their shell

They're not worrying too much

About the nasty smell.

Three furry little creatures

Gasping for their breath

Is humanity bothered

Causing such painful death.

Two polar ice caps

Melting oh so fast

Such catastrophic happenings

Should leave us all aghast.

One planet that we live on,

It’s the only one we've got.

If we keep treating it in this way

Then that'll be our lot!

© Steve Cotterell 2019

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