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“At that pace he was always going to hit it or miss it.”
(Jim Curran)

“The FA Cup is still domestically the best cup in the world.”
GLENN HODDLE, Radio 5 Live
(Richard Mott)

“He’s got his legs back, of course, or his leg -- he’s always had one but now he’s got two.”
BOBBY ROBSON (on Alan Shearer), Teletext
(Peter Finan)

“Moses Kiptanui -- the 19-year-old Kenyan who turned 20 a few weeks ago...”
(J. Crossley)

“At the end of the day in the morning there’s not much else a teacher can do if the child doesn’t turn up for school.”
Estelle Morris, Radio 4
(Alun Morris)


“Some people might suggest that conservation in general and conservation of molluscs in particular are irrelevant or at least of minor importance following the dreadful events of 11 September 2001 and their consequences. However…” -- Tentacle, newsletter for mollusc specialists.

“The Perrier Young Jazz Awards, launched in 1998, will not take place this year. Daphne Barrett, chairman and chief executive of PR agency Infoplan, who organised the events, said: ‘In the light of recent events, post 11 September, we felt it was not appropriate to hold the event this year.’ She did not rule out the return of the event in the future.” -- Jazzwise magazine, February issue.

“Let’s also remember that in America, in the aftermath of 11 September, one of the most often cited routines of daily life that people missed and wanted back was (dare I say it?) advertising.” -- Allen Rosenshine, chairman and chief executive of BBDO Worldwide (aka “the king of Madison Avenue”), Campaign magazine.

“The political strife and roller-coaster fluctuations in share prices ushered in by the 11 September terrorist assault on the United States have certainly made short-term prospects for the planning consultancy market very difficult to call.” -- Planning, journal of the
Royal Town Planning Institute.

“The world changed forever on 11 September with the tragic terrorist attacks on the USA. This and the ensuing war has implications for everyone on the planet. The offshore world is no exception… Whatever happens, it will be increasingly necessary for our clients to select the best regulated offshore and onshore jurisdictions… We examine structures which can be used to achieve the tax-saving or asset protection aims of the client.” -- Brochure for conference organised by ILS, leaading “corporate service provider” which advises people on setting up offshore trusts.

“If the global war against terrorism is to last for several years as we are told, it is the students at Lincoln now who will be formed by its pressures and required to meet the challenges it generates… We must not make compromises in what is, after all, the college’s central core purpose. That is why we are asking that you make an additional gift of £100 to help us.” -- Begging letter to alumni of Lincoln College, Oxford, from the rector, Prof Paul Langford.

“Cardiff critical theory seminar. Mikko Lehtonen, University of Tampere, Finland: ‘The cultural significance of 11 September.’ Thursday 21 February, 2.30pm.” -- Handbill from the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University.


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