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Eye Crossword by Cyclops
No. 203

Crossword grid

1 It's spite overturned ex-minister Chamberlain, according to his mates (5)
4 To-die-for oral sex and a bang to finish you off? (5,4)
9 Oriental treatment dump containing argon -- America flips (7)
10 Unconcealed hostility when Blunt rolled over naked (4,3)
11 “Silver” tucked into awful shit pet food (9)
12 Rent-free residence but crap position? (5)
13/27 Brilliantly successful line in capital provides Brenda with excuse to get out and about more (6,7)
14 Opening of video, ‘Arse’ at Tate provoked bad feeling (8)
17 Flannel supplied when erection lost on TV series (4,4)
19 See 4 Down
22 Rule of Brenda: leather strap restricts weight (5)
24 Give a really pisspoor rendition of an Ice T number and charge! (6,3)
26 Outside ramshackle flat (7)
27 See 13 Across
28 Brigitte Bardot no longer to decide if a little creature's male or female (3,6)
29 Topless geriatrics get them off and achieve an orgasm (5)

1 Underwear (seconds) to be seen in TV docu-soap (5)
2 Writer in a bust-up with his one-time protégé (7)
3 No Spitting Image without peers (9)
4/19 The press is not entitled to even a bronze vehicle (6,6)
5 He's doing it again, the love rat! (3-5)
6 City, lacking capital, haemorrhages (5)
7 Prosecution's pointless linen costume (3,4)
8 Hack gets out of woollen suit and it's as awful as you can imagine (5-4)
13 Lacking energy, Geri's tits -- a new-fangled medical condition (9)
15 It's hell to MP, getting cut up (9)
16 End of condom (or 'Mates') split by little monkey (8)
18 Footsie and length contraction with finger (2,5)
20 Plastic chip attached to Clary -- “kinky!” (7)
21 Doughty type has jar (not pissed) (6)
23 Celebrity poser, single bitch on the up (5)
25 Politicians responsible for leaks about Blair's last letter (5)

Crossword 202 winner: RICHARD WATERS

Solution to Crossword 202

ACROSS: 1 All piss and wind 9 Offside 10 Veiling 11 Insomniac 12 Elsan 13 Give head 15 Waylay 18 Sarnie 19 Well hung 22 Amigo 24 Freemason 26 Charlie 27 Thin air 28 Policemans ball.
DOWN: 1 Adoring 2 Life-saver 3 Idiom 4 Sheridan 5 Novice 6 Whitehall 7 Nails 8 Agency 14 Hoi polloi 16 Louisiana 17 Dementia 18 Snatch 20 General 21 Effete 23 Idaho 25 Maids.

£100 Prize for first correct solution drawn at 12 noon on 1 March 2002.

Entries to "Crossword", Private Eye, 6 Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or email answers to

An Across Lite version of this puzzle is available for download here. Free copies of Across Lite are available at the Literate Software site. But please note that Across Lite format files submitted as email attachments will NOT be entered in the prize draw.

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