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About Warwick Technology

Welcome to Warwick Technology, a small consultancy company based in the UK Midlands. We are involved in two main fields: LabVIEW/TestStand programming and test rig design, and Web Design and Technical Authoring Services.

In addition, the company has developed the specialist hardware and software necessary for the manufacture and operation of a Dynamic Breathing Machine.

The company is based around the director, Ian G Williams, working on a freelance or contract basis. Work is taken on a fixed price contract or hourly charge basis, and external contractors are called in as and when required. Working as an independent consultancy without the overheads of sales staff and office premises, the company is able to offer a very comprehensive and cost effective service.

This also allows extensive use of the internet, eliminating the need for clients and Company to meet face to face. Modern communications techniques permit working with clients throughout the world, using email, phone and fax.

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