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LabVIEW, and it's sister product BridgeVIEW (now called LabVIEW DSC), are specialist development systems for data acquisition and industrial automation. They are amongst a range of products from National Instruments, all based around the 'G' programming language. This is a purely graphical programming system for rapid product development. For information on the 'G' language product lines, and other software and hardware from National Instruments, visit the NI website.

Warwick Technology has experience of working with National Instruments LabVIEW and associated software since 1993, developing a wide range of applications for specialist data acquisition and control requirements. We have written applications that interface directly to a range of data acquisition hardware, connect via RS232/485, monitor via distributed I/O plus have interfaced the software applications to a number of external applications including database systems such as Oracle, Visual Basic, Access and Paradox.

In the course of this work we have created some sets of instruments drivers and other useful applications, some of which are available for download.

Our experience with National Instruments products has included:
  • LabVIEW
  • BridgeVIEW (LabVIEW DSC)
  • TestStand
  • FieldPoint
  • PXI / SCXI
  • GPIB
  • DAQ boards

Previous projects

For previous employers and direct business, these have included those listed below.
For more information on the range of work we have done, see the list of projects & clients
  • Power station component testing system
Upgrading a DAQ system using LabVIEW, SCXI boards and a range of external bespoke programs across netDDE communications.
  • Eurofighter Front Fuselage Testing suite
Huge software suite to test Eurofighter Front Fuselage assemblies. Written using BridgeVIEW and running over FieldPoint, TCP/IP and serial communications links. All produced to military software and documentation standards.
  • Dynamic Breathing Machine
For more information, click this link
  • Helmet Impact Testing System
This system was based around a 3 axis accelerometer to determine the forces resultant on a human head resulting from a controlled impact.
  • Small Scale Centrifuge
The control and measurement system for a small scale centrifuge was created for a previous employer. This was created to test fighter pilots life support equipment under dynamic conditions of pressure, flow and 'G' loading.
  • Fighter Pilots Life Support Equipment Test System and Database
This software controlled a purpose built test unit to check the safety of a fighter pilots mask and helmet before takeoff. A Paradox database was used to store and manipulate the data created.
  • Facial Digitiser and Measurement system
This was a bespoke system to provide tri-axial co-ordinates on a range of human faces, in order to produce an effective range of sizes for head mounted equipment.
  • A wide range of other control and measurement systems
These have included a wide range of products from motion control applications, data acquisition systems, process control systems and distributed I/O systems.

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