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The following list of LabVIEW related books was originally compiled by Scott Hannahs and was posted to the Info-LabVIEW mailing list in December 2001. The only editing here is the conversion to HTML format.

The list is in no particular order. The descriptions are written by the author or the publisher. Prices may vary from the list price depending on vendor. The vendor list is not, of course, exclusive.
Note: This list is no longer updated (as of Oct2002)

Index of books listed:

LabVIEW Advanced Programming Techniques

Rick Bitter, Taqi Mohiuddin, Matthew Nawrocki
Hardcover - 456 pages Book & Cd-Rom edition (August 10, 2000)
CRC Press
ISBN: 0849320496
Dimensions (in inches): 1.20 x 9.53 x 6.45
List Price $84.95
Booksite, Books A Million& Amazon

The graphical nature of LabVIEW makes it ideal for test and measurement applications and results in significant productivity improvements over conventional programming languages. However, comprehensive treatments of the more advanced topics have been scattered and difficult to find-until now. LabVIEW Advanced Programming Techniques offers in-depth coverage of the subjects that move you to the next level of programming -the level that allows full exploitation of LabVIEW's power and utility. These topics include: Application structure: Discover a three-tiered architecture that results in robust, flexible, and easy to maintain code. State machines: Get extensive coverage of several types of state machines-arguably the most useful programming tool available. Exception Handling: Help detect, process, and resolve exceptions in your code. Instrument Drivers: See the value drivers bring to code readability and maintenance -Learn the techniques for constructing reusable drivers. Multi-threading: Learn how to look at a LabVIEW code diagram, determine which sections will execute on which thread of execution, and then optimize the performance of the application. Active X: Gain the background needed to build your own Active X controls to use in LabVIEW. Object Oriented Technologies: Get a clear description of object analysis and see examples of how it can apply to LabVIEW applications.

LabVIEW Graphical Programming

Gary W. Johnson, Richard Jennings
Paperback - 773 pages 3rd edition (July 19, 2001)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0071370013
Dimensions (in inches): 1.19 x 9.22 x 7.38
List Price: $55.00
Booksite, Books a Million& Amazon

The sole in-depth, engineering-level guide to the popular graphical programming language for virtual instrumentation is filled with practical tips and techniques. Coverage includes instrument drivers, using the DAQ Library, designing a DAQ system, data visualization, image processing, and automated test applications. New material covers networking and sound/video programming issues, along with other features of the latest LabVIEW releases. The CD-ROM contains an extensive library of ready-to-use LabVIEW instruments. An easy-to-use primer for anyone interested in the powerful and practical LabVIEW programming language

  • Comes with a CD-ROM, which demonstrates the kinds of virtual instruments and software that users of LabVIEW will be capable of building (Mac and IBM compatible)
  • Completely updated for LabVIEW 6.0

LabVIEW Power Programming with CDROM

Gary W. Johnson (Editor)
Paperback - 400 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (June 1998)
McGraw Hill Text
ISBN: 0079136664
Dimensions (in inches): 1.07 x 9.21 x 7.39
List Price: $55.00
Booksite, Books A Million& Amazon

This is for the professional programmer. Well-known author Gary Johnson teaches LabVIEW to everybody! Blessed by National Instruments, the developers of LabVIEW. Step-by-step information to fully network LabVIEW. CD of virtual instruments and tools. Let the LabVIEW experts show you how to leverage the power of the world's fastest-growing graphical programming platform! In the test and measurement market, LabVIEW has become the dominant platform for graphical programming on both PCs and Macintoshes, as well as Sun and HP workstations. Advances in the LabVIEW development and runtime environments have made it increasingly competitive with textual languages like C--even in applications outside its traditional instrumentation market. Still, there hasn't been a resource--written by top experts--that shows advanced users, professional developers, and computer-scientists how to make the most of LabVIEW and its popular C language... until now. Gary Johnson's LabVIEW Power Programming brings together some of the world's foremost LabVIEW authorities, who explore such critically important topics as software quality assurance, format software engineering methods, networking, and other advanced techniques that simply aren't covered anywhere else. Written by a "Who's Who of LabVIEW," this one-of-a-kind, advanced LabVIEW programming book features: everything you need to know to fully network LabVIEW; in-depth discussions of interapplication communication and calls to external code; a LabVIEW software quality assurance (SQA) guide and toolkit; examination of mathematics, simulation, and signal processing issues. The book comes with a CD-ROM that provides numerous "virtual instruments" written in software. What's more, you'll also find a wide variety of LabVIEW programming tools and utilities--all expressly designed to boost the productivity of advanced LabVIEW users

Advanced LabVIEW Labs

John Essick
Paperback - 397 pages 1 edition (December 8, 1998)
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 013833949X
Dimensions (in inches): 0.70 x 9.21 x 7.02
List Price: $28.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

Demonstrates the LabVIEW graphical programming language including its four control structures, three graphing modes, and File I/O. Also explores the least-squares curve fitting and Fast Fourier Transform data analysis techniques, analog-to-digital and digital-to- analog functions, and GPIB communication. excellent text...any programmer trying to learn how to interface computers to instruments and to understand programming language concepts should read this book.

LabVIEW for Everyone (With CD-ROM)

Jeffrey Travis
Paperback - 656 pages 2nd edition (December 15, 2001)
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 013065096X
Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.25 x 7.00
List Price: $64.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

The #1 step-by-step guide to LabVIEW-now completely updated for LabVIEW 6i. No experience necessary! Learn LabVIEW through examples and easy-to-adapt sample code New! Web connectivity, DataSocket, VI Server, 3D graphs, waveform datatypes, VISA, Measurement and Automation Explorer, and more CD-ROM: All sample code, plus complete evaluation version of LabVIEW 6i!

LabVIEW is the #1 graphical programming language for engineers and scientists worldwide. Now the best-selling, most authoritative introduction to LabVIEW has been fully revised to make LabVIEW programming easier than ever-and to reflect the latest enhancements in National Instruments' LabVIEW 6i. Designed for non-experts, LabVIEW for Everyone, Second Edition teaches LabVIEW through intuitive, friendly, step-by-step examples-giving you code that's easy to reuse in your own projects! Not just what to do: why to do it! The LabVIEW programming environment: building your own virtual workbench Key fundamentals: virtual instruments, graphs, charts, datatypes, file I/O, and more Expert techniques and tips for data acquisition and instrument control Extensive new coverage: Web connectivity, DataSocket, VI Server, 3-D graphs, waveform datatypes, VISA, Measurement and Automation Explorer, and more The "art" of successful LabVIEW programming: style, user interfaces, online help, and more Managing your LabVIEW programming projects.

Whatever your application, whatever your role, whether you've used LabVIEW or not, LabVIEW for Everyone, Second Edition is the fastest, easiest way to get the results you're after! The accompanying CD-ROM contains an extensive library of sample code, plus a complete time-limited evaluation version of LabVIEW 6i.

LabVIEW for Everyone: Graphical Programming Made Even Easier

Lisa Wells & Jeffrey Travis
Paperback - 586 pages 1st edition (September 26, 1996)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0132681943
Dimensions (in inches): 1.15 x 9.24 x 7.02
List Price: $65.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

A current update on this programming language, which uses a graphical block diagram that compiles into machine code. The included CD contains a demonstration version, solutions to activities in the book, and example programs. Coverage includes virtual instrumentation, controlling program execution, composite data, visual displays, data acquisition and instrument control, advanced functions, resources, and troubleshooting. Here is the most authoritative guide to the newest version of LabVIEW, the leading graphical programming language for engineers and scientists. The book shows the non-expert how to start programming quickly. The CD-ROM includes a demonstration version of LabVIEW 4.

LabVIEW for Data Acquisition

Bruce Mihura
Paperback - 462 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (June 26, 2001)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0130153621
Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 9.24 x 7.04
List Price: $64.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

An introduction to the LabVIEW graphical programming language for monitoring and controlling physical phenomena with a computer via electrical signals. These electrical signals are usually attached to scientific or industrial equipment by means of transducers that convert physical values like pressure, temperature, position, and flow rate. Mihura, who worked as a LabVIEW developer for National Instruments, addresses simulation techniques, debugging, real-time issues, and networked and distributed systems. The practical, succinct LabVIEW data acquisition tutorial for every professional. No matter how much LabVIEW experience you have, this compact tutorial gives you core skills for producing virtually any data acquisition (DAQ) application-input and output. Designed for every engineer and scientist, LabVIEW for Data Acquisition begins with quick-start primers on both LabVIEW and DAQ, and builds your skills with extensive code examples and visual explanations drawn from Bruce ! Mihura's extensive experience teaching LabVIEW to professionals.

  • Includes extensive coverage of DAQ-specific programming techniques
  • Real-world techniques for maximizing accuracy and efficiency
  • The 10 most common LabVIEW DAQ development problems-with specific solutions
  • Addresses simulation, debugging, real-time issues, and network/distributed systems
  • Preventing unauthorized changes to your LabVIEW code
  • An overview of transducers for a wide variety of signals
  • Non-NI alternatives for hardware and software
LabVIEW for Data Acquisition includes an extensive collection of real-world LabVIEW applications, lists of LabVIEW tips and tricks, coverage of non-NI software and hardware alternatives, and much more. Whatever data acquisition application you need to create, this is the book to start and finish with. CD-ROM INCLUDED. The accompanying CD-ROM includes an evaluation version of LabVIEW and key LabVIEW code covered in the book.

Computer-Based Electronic Measurement:
An Introductory Electronics Laboratory Workbook Based on Labview and Virtual Bench

A. Bruce Buckman, Bruce A. Buckman
Paperback - 300 pages 1 edition (November 24, 1999)
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0201361825
Dimensions (in inches): 0.72 x 10.89 x 8.52
List Price: $41.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

Based on the process of converting the introductory electrical and computer engineering lab course at the U. of Texas at Austin to an approach based on digital signal acquisition (DAQ) instrumentation, this workbook includes seven chapters on DAQ basics and 13 lab projects. Appends material on PSPICE for Windows software. Lacks an index. Introductory electronics laboratory workbook based on LabView and Virtual Bench. Designed to be used in a DAQ-based undergraduate lab course. Softcover. DLC: Electronic measurements--Computer stimulation

Labview for Automotive, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, Biomedical, and Other Applications
(National Instruments Virtual Instrumentation Series)

Hall T. Martin, Meg L. Martin
Paperback - 247 pages 1st edition (June 15, 2000)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 013019963X
Dimensions (in inches): 0.76 x 9.29 x 7.05
List Price: $43.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

Contains dozens of the best real-world LabVIEW applications in leading test and measurement markets, with detailed explanations of design, implementation, and results. Every application offers a detailed solution to a common test/measurement challenge. The complete LabVIEW solutions reference for every leading vertical market! Dozens of practical, detailed LabVIEW applications from the world's leading implementers! Broad coverage! Telecom, automotive, semiconductor, biomedical, and general test/measurement Start-to-finish explanations: approach, implementation, and results. Many test and measurement books focus on theory: this one focuses totally on applications. You'll find dozens of the best real-world LabVIEW applications in leading test and measurement markets, with detailed explanations of design, implementation, and results. Every application offers a unique, detailed solution to a common test/measurement challenge, with diagrams, expert advice, and hands-on problem-solving techniques from experienced LabVIEW users. The applications encompass virtually all key markets for test and measurement, including telecom, semiconductor, automotive, biomedical, and more: Automotive: Inverter durability testing, machine vision, exhaust simulations, and in-vehicle data acquisition Biomedical: Cardiovascular analysis, PC-based vision systems, and patient monitoring Semiconductor: Modeling of quantum atomic state transitions, electron beam physical vapor deposition, X-ray photolithography, and data acquisition Telecommunications: Antenna measurement, protocol analysis, remote fiber optics diagnostics, real-time algorithm testing, and more General test & measurement: Micromachining, nuclear fusion, and advanced industrial and military research Whatever your application, whatever your LabVIEW experience, here are the practical insights, techniques and code you need to build world-class virtual instrumentation systems of your own.

LabVIEW: Data Acquisition & Analysis for Movement Sciences (Book with CD-ROM)

Andrew L. McDonough
Spiral-bound - 238 pages 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0130128473
List Price: $64.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

Text and reference for undergraduate and graduate students in biomechanics and kinesiology. Designed to teach students how to build and run basic and advanced programs using LabVIEW. CD-ROM contains ready-to-use VIs to help the user see and practice the examples in the text. Expanded-outline format. A one of a kind book that connects the LabView programming language with data acquisition and analysis. The hands-on approach includes ample practice exercises and provides a practical and direct way to learn, write and use programs for the purpose of collecting and analyzing human performance data. Includes CD-ROM disk containing ready-to-use virtual instruments. The manual shows users how to build and run basic and more advanced computer programs within the flexible graphical framework of LabVIEW. For anyone interested in applying LabView programming language to the movement sciences.

Learning With Labview 6i

Robert H. Bishop
Paperback - 450 pages 2nd edition (February 15, 2001)
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0130325597
List Price: $54.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

This tutorial teaches graphical programming concepts through real world applications. Bishop's accessible, motivational approach helps readers successfully master LabVIEW. Coverage includes: LabVIEW Basics, Virtual Instruments, Editing and Debugging Virtual Instruments, SubVIs, Structures, Arrays and Clusters, Graphs and Charts, Data Acquisitions, Instrument Control, Data Analysis, File I/O, and other LabVIEW Applications. The official textbook for use with LabView 6i Student Edition software. Provides step-by-step tutorials, a library of virtual instruments to accompany each chapter, a variety of pedagogical features, more than 350 figures and illustrations, and a companion Web site for users who wish to post questions, download new VIs, and more.

Hands-On Exercise Manual for LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition, and Analysis

Jeffrey Y. Beyon
Paperback - 105 pages 1st edition (August 2000)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0130303682
Dimensions (in inches): 0.41 x 9.14 x 6.96
List Price: $32.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
Structured, focused practice for mastering LabVIEW programming fast!
Master LabVIEW programming in six days, hands-on!
  • Over 60 real-world problems and solutions
  • Designed for easy learning and extensive real-world application
  • Extensively classroom-tested with professional engineers
  • CD-ROM: Tools, templates, solutions, and complete LabVIEW evaluation version
The supplementary workbook to LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition, and Analysis, this book presents a series of real-world programming challenges designed to help professionals master LabVIEW development in six focused one-day learning sessions. Each session is organized into a series of short, 10 to 15 minute exercises, each with clear objectives and instructions designed to teach a single skill you can easily apply to your custom applications. Every skill is also mapped to the corresponding detailed explanations in LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition, and Analysis. Coverage includes:
  • Installing LabVIEW and working with source files and subVIs
  • Loops, conditional statements, and program flow
  • Displaying data and working with data types
  • Key categories of data acquisition and analysis applications
  • Saving/reading data and file I/O
  • Instrument control techniques
  • Implementing leading data analysis VIs, and more
The only way to truly master LabVIEW is to practice. This book gives you the structured, focused practice you need to achieve mastery fast. Whether you're a LabVIEW beginner or an experienced developer who want to update your skills, you'll find it an invaluable resource.
  • Complete library of LabVIEW tools and templates
  • Solutions to every exercise in this workbook
  • Full LabVIEW evaluation version

LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition and Analysis (with CD-ROM)

Jeffrey Y. Beyon
Paperback - 366 pages 1st edition (September 2000)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0130303674
Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.27 x 7.04
List Price: $61.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
Introduces G-programming with LabVIEW for data acquisition and instrument control applications. Beyon (computer engineering, Christopher Newport University) starts with the basics--the structure of LabVIEW source files, using sub VIs, loops and conditional statements, data display, data types, and prerequisites for data acquisition. Categories of data acquisition are then covered: analog input, analog output, and digital input/output. The CD-ROM contains an evaluation copy of LabVIEW. *Master LabVIEW programming - hands-on! *Learn through real-world data acquisition and analysis applications *Dozens of key techniques presented through easy-to-adapt templates *Extensively classroom-tested with professional engineers *CD-ROM: Tools, templates, and complete LabVIEW evaluation version Master LabVIEW programming from the ground up - fast! LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition and Analysis is your easy, hands-on guide to LabVIEW programming and data analysis.

LabVIEW GUI Essential Techniques (With CD-ROM)

David J. Ritter
Paperback - 400 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (December 15, 2001)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0071364935
Dimensions (in inches): 1.70 x 9.16 x 7.40
List Price: $59.95
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
"Dave Ritter is unique in the breadth of his abilities and the depth of his understanding of LabVIEW - and how to teach it..." - Gary Johnson, author Lab/VIEW Graphical Programming *Describes how to implement modern GUI (GraphicUser Interface) methodologies within the LabVIEW application *Provides interface design strategies and basic graphic design principles *Includes over 100 step-by-step LabVIEW GUI Code examples *CD-ROM includes every VI (virtual instrument) mentioned in the book, Quicktime videos demonstrating key aspects of the hands-on section, and a trial version of LabVIEW 5.0
Your virtual blueprint for implementing the latestGUI applications for LabVIEW !
The vast army of engineers, scientists, technicians and other LabVIEW users who've been struggling with GUI design can now breathe easier! They now have hands-on industry expert David J. Ritter on their side to teach them with a clarity of style and surety of knowledge no other author can match. LabVIEW GUI: Essential Techniques details exactly how to harness LabVIEW's powerful graphical programming language to create specialized virtual software instruments and save thousands of dollars on hardware by doing so.
As with any programming language, designing an effective user interface is the key to success with LabVIEW. Fully realizing this, author David J. Ritter utilizes a down-to-earth, thoroughly readable style and focuses on imparting effective interface design strategies, clearly showing how to implement modern GUI methodologies within the LabVIEW application development process. Ritter combines step-by-step code examples with clear, readable explanations to clarify the psychological, architectural, and aesthetic aspects of developing clean, reusable GUIs. The resource-packed CD-ROM contains:
  • More than 100 virtual instruments
  • Quicktime videos demonstrating key hands-on techniques
  • A trial version of Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for exploring custom graphic development and integration and, to ensure complete coverage of every important issue, the author also includes a basic yet essential crash course in layout and design.

Sensors, Transducers, & Labview (Virtual Instrumentation Series)

Barry E. Paton
Paperback - 316 pages 1st edition (October 15, 1998)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0130811556
Dimensions (in inches): 0.98 x 7.00 x 9.19
List Price: $63.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
Offers instructions to LabVIEW virtual instrumentation using practical interfacing problems from physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, the biomedical sciences, and other fields. The included CD-ROM contains LabVIEW 5.0 Evaluation Edition; 10 MB of programming examples; exercises, sensor simulations, course development templates; and video clips of experiments. Teaches LabVIEW virtual instrumentation the best way possible: hands-on. Teaches LabVIEW environment, programming structures, constants, variables, controls, indicators, arrays, pseudorandom numbers & other key elements of LabVIEW programming. Paper. CD-ROM included. DLC: Transducers - Computer simulation.

LabVIEW Signal Processing (Virtual Instrumentation Series)

Abhay R. Samant, Mahesh L. Chugani, Michael Cerna
Textbook Binding - 634 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition (May 1998)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0139724494
Dimensions (in inches): 1.24 x 9.19 x 6.96
List Price: $68.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
Explains how to analyze data using Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench, a graphical programming environment that has become a standard for data acquisition and instrument control in industrial, academic, and research laboratories. For students, scientists, and engineers who have taken an introductory course in signal processing and control systems, and already know how to program in LabView. The CD-ROM contains an evaluation version of LabView, additional software for the toolkits discussed in the text, and activities and solutions to them. Practical guide to understanding LabVIEW's extensive analysis capabilities. Learn to identify and use the best Lab VIEW tool for each application. CD-ROM included. Paper. DLC: Signal processing - Digital techniques Computer programs

LabVIEW Applications and Solutions

Rahman Jamal, Herbert Pichlik
Paperback - 468 pages 1st edition (January 15, 1999)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0130964239
Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 9.21 x 7.00
List Price: $65.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
Provides an insight into the capabilities of Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW), describing graphical flow programming with the language, and illustrating practical applications. Starts with a review of the theoretical foundations, then introduces LabVIEW 5.0 features. Among the specific applications discussed are process automation and fuzzy logic control, test and measurement for quality management, signal processing, and mathematics. The CD-ROM contains an evaluation version of LabVIEW 5.0. Brings the power & flexibility of graphical programming to virtually every technical discipline. Gives you the expertise to develop your own virtual instruments, starting with a review of the theoretical foundations, illustrating. Paper. CD-ROM included. DLC: Scientific apparatus & instruments - Computer simulation.

Internet Applications in LabVIEW (With CD-ROM)

Jeffrey Travis
Paperback - 601 pages 1st edition (April 15, 2000)
Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN: 0130141445
Dimensions (in inches): 1.18 x 9.15 x 6.99
List Price: $65.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
Specifically combines Internet technologies with LabVIEW know-how. Reviews the basics of the Internet and its key applications from the viewpoint of LabVIEW, then discusses how to set up secure client-server applications. Now, engineers can leverage the power of the Internet in any LabVIEW virtual instrumentation application. LabVIEW 5.1 has the technology, built-in -- and LabVIEW Internet Applications shows exactly how to make the most of it. Discover the best applications for Web-enabled VI in remote monitoring, remote control, collaboration, and distributed computing. Next, review the basics of TCP/IP, HTTP, Web browsers, Internet application architecture, and LabVlEW's powerful VI Server. Master step-by-step techniques for publishing Web documents with LabVIEW -- including documentation. Learn how to control virtual instrumentation through Web browsers; build distributed applications using LabVlEW's VI Server and DataSocket technologies; integrate Java, ActiveX and CGI into your LabVIEW applications, and more. Finally, review practical design considerations for Internet applications -- including when to use each technology LabVIEW makes available to you.

Virtual Bio-Instrumentation: Biomedical, Clinical and Healthcare Applications in LabVIEW

Eric Rosow, and Jon B. Olansen
Paperback - 300 pages 1st edition (December 15, 2001)
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0130652164
List Price: $79.00
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
571 pages, 2 CDs??
Bringing the power of virtual instrumentation to the biomedical community. Applications across diverse medical specialties Detailed design guides for LabVIEW and BioBench applications Hands-on problem-solving throughout the book Laboratory, clinical, and healthcare applications CD contains numerous VI's with source code, plus several demos
Virtual instrumentation allows medical researchers and practitioners to combine the traditional diagnostic tools with advanced technologies such as databases, Active X, and the Internet. In both laboratory and clinical environments, users can interact with a wealth of disparate systems, facilitating better, faster, and more informed decision making. Virtual Bio-Instrumentation: Biomedical, Clinical, and Healthcare Applications in LabVIEW is the first book of its kind to apply VI technology to the biomedical field. Hands-on problems throughout the book demonstrate immediate practical uses Examples cover a variety of medical specialties Detailed design instructions give the inside view of LabVIEW and BioBench applications
Both students and practicing professionals will appreciate the practical applications offered for modeling fundamental physiology, advanced systems analysis, medical device development and testing, and even hospital management and clinical engineering scenarios.
About the CD-ROM:
The CD-ROM contains numerous virtual instruments along with source code to illustrate concepts and serve as building blocks for users' own projects. Demonstration copies of LabVIEW, BioBench, and other applications allow users to not only build their own VI's, but also view some relevant tools already available in the biomedical market.

Practical LabVIEW

Harry L. Valenta Jr.
Spiral-bound - 138 pages 2nd Rev edition (January 8, 2001)
Biomedical Res. Assoc. LLC
ISBN: 0970629516
List Price: $29.95
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
A major plus is the rapidity with with you move through the important elements, producing general familiarity very quickly. Biomedical Engr. Consultant: "The book quickly led me through many of the features of LabVIEW, along with some hints for good programming practice."

LabVIEW Grammar: A Laboratory Approach to Grammar Review

Barbara Flaningam
Paperback 3rd spiral edition (June 1998)
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
ISBN: 0787226033
List Price: $23.95
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon

Labtutor : A Friendly Guide to Computer Interfacing and LabVIEW Programming (MacIntosh Version)

John K. Eaton, Laura Eaton
Paperback (April 1995)
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195091620
List Price: $32.95
BookSite, Books A Million, Amazon
LabTutor, a combined book and software system, provides an introduction to the principles and practice of laboratory data acquisition, experimental control, and data processing using any hardware/software system. It includes specific instructions and examples on how to use LabVIEW, a graphical programming language from National Instruments used for developing automated instrumentation systems. LabTutor allows new users to make effective use of laboratory computers with as little as ten hours of effort and to become accomplished practitioners with less than forty hours of effort. The printed version offers the convenience and readability of an ordinary book, while the hypertext version includes sound and animation to clarify certain concepts and offers the advantage of rapid searching, making it useful as an online manual. LabTutor can be used as a primary package for a course on laboratory computers, as a supplement in traditional laboratory courses, or as a self-guided tutorial for those learning to use laboratory computers on their own.

This list was originally compiled by
Dr. Scott Hannahs, Head of User Research Instrumentation
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee FL 32310, (850)644-0216/FAX 644-0534

And posted to the Info LabVIEW mailing list

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