Starting Information

Characters will start with the following scores than can be assigned to any attributes. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16. They will be 4th level, but no spell casting classes. There is no alignment in the system as such.

Picking a barbarian class, will give you negatives to use technology.

The following equipment will be available by default.

Damage Critical Blast Radius Range Weight
Laser carbine 3d6 x2 150 ft. 7 lb
Minicell for above 25 shots 1/2 lb
Laser Pistol 2d10 x2 100 ft. 2 lb
Minicell for above 25 shots 1/2 lb
Bayonet 1d6 x3 1 lb
Grenade Launcher
The semiautomitic magazine-fed weapon use a efficient compressed-gas mechanism to fire greades. A standard machine holds 5 grenades and has a gas reservoir good for 20 shots
200 ft. 12 lb
Propellant cartridge
Changing a cartridge is a move equivalent action, and will provoke an attack of opportunity
1 lb
Grenade concussion 6d6 x2 20 ft. 10 ft. 1 lb
Grenade flash bang x2 20 ft. 10 ft. 1 lb
Grenade frag 6d6 x2 20 ft. 10 ft. 1 lb
Grenade incendiary 6d6 x2 20 ft. 10 ft. 1 lb
Grenade stun 6d6 x2 20 ft. 10 ft. 1 lb
Lookout post weapons
Laser cannon 6d10 x2 500 ft. 50 lb
Heavy cell 5 lb
Sniper rifle
You can get a attack modifier by spending time aiming, +1 a round upto three rounds. After 3 rounds you will need to make a will power roll to keep your concentration each round until you shoot
1d12 x3 300 ft. 12 lb.
Magazine 30 shots 1/2 lb

AC Bonus Max Dex Speed Weight
Heavy Cloths +2 +6 30 ft. 10 lb
Flight suit +4 +8 30 ft. 6 lb
Armour Vest +6 +5 30 ft. 8 lb
Combat fatigues +6 +6 30 ft. 10 lb
Battle suit +7 +6 20 ft. 15 lb
Battle Armour +8 +5 20 ft. 20 lb
Camouflage adds +2 to hide

Personal communicators
The system has a line of sight range of 10 miles or using the satallite link any where on the planet
Digital binoculars
25x zoom, give +2 to distant search and spot checks.
Has the following modes
* Light applification mode
* Infrared mode
* Ultraviolet mode
3 lb
Night vision goggles 1 lb
Contains 5 does, and gives +4 to heal checks
5 lb
Diagnostic monitor
Gives +2 to heal and first aid checks
1 lb
Laser sight
A contact switch on the weapons grip activees the laser sight. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rools when firing with a laser sight, but also you increase the change of bing spotted.
1 lb
Eletronic Scope
The scope provides upto 10x magnification. It eliminates penalties for poor light, working as low light vision. It also double the effect range increment of a range weapon, But while targeting with a scope DEX bonus for AC is lost
1 lb
Has the following functions
* Geiger counter
* Chemical sniffer
* Magnetometer
* Electrical
1 lb
Climbing gear 15 lb
Emergency beacon 1/2 lb
Sleeping bag 1 lb
Backpack 2 lb
Survival rations (1 week) 3 lb
Survival kit 8 lb
Work cloths 3 lb
Dress cloths 2 lb
Winter clothes 4 lb
Flashlight 1 lb
Sunglasses 2 lb


Urban Lore
Use Device
Craft (Biotechnology)
Craft (Electronics)
Craft (Gunsmithing)
Craft (Mechanics)
Craft (Metallurgy)
Craft (Pharmaceuticals)
Craft (Printing)
Craft (Robotics)
Knowledge (Astronomy)
Knowledge (Biology)
Knowledge (Chemistry)
Knowledge (Mathematics)
Knowledge (Physics)
Profession (Accountant)
Profession (Attorney)
Profession (Banker)
Profession (Computer Programmer)
Profession (Construction Worker)
Profession (Engineer)
Profession (Manager)
Profession (Miner)
Profession (Physician)
Profession (Pilot)
Profession (Psychologist)
Profession (Scientist)
Profession (Teacher)
Profession (Pharmacist)

Aircraft Piloting Pre:Pilot Skill, Technical Proficiency
Do not suffer -4 penatly when flying aircarft
Armor Proficiency (HighTechLight)
Armor Proficiency (HighTechMedium)
Armor Proficiency (HighTechHeavy)
Armor Proficiency (HighTechPowered)
Autofire Pre:Point Blank Shot, Previse Shot,Repid Shot, Dex 13+
When firing a automatic weapon you hit an extra shot for every 3 by which your attack roll exceeds the targets AC
Born Spacer
Combat Ace Pre:Pilot Skill
Crack Shot Pre:Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
When making a ranged shot, opponents cover modifier to AC si halved.
Evasive Piloting +4 on opposed pilot checks
Gearhead +2 on all repair and use device checks.
Gunner The penalty on ranged attack rolls for your vehicle is halved.
Gunner's Eye +4 on use devices to aquire targes while traveling in a vehicle
Hacker +2 to Crypography and Use Device checks.
High-G Tolerance
Implant Spellware
Improved Far Shot Pre:Point Blank Shot,Far Shot
All penalties due to range are halved. Each full range increment causes a -1 penalty instead of -2
Improved Shot on the Run
Information Junkie +2 on gather information
Lead Foot +4 on pilot check for acceleration.
Low-G Tolerance
Mobile Shot Pre:Dex 13+, Dodge, Mobility
Pressing Attack
Pre:Combat Reflexes
Ram Pre:
Raptor's Instinct PrePiloting
+4 to pilot checks when doing a targeting run in a vehicle.
Remote Operation
Skill Focus DS
Space Jockey
Speed Load You can load ammunition magazines or power cells as a free action instead of move-equivalent action.
Starship Piloting
Technical Proficiency Free Feat
Technical Deficiency Free Feat for Barbarians
Temperature Tolerance
Two-Gun Shooting
Vehicle Dodge
Zero-G Tolerance
Any reasonable request for items will be considered, but please don't ask for heavier weapons or Armour.