About Us

ACE IT, was founded by Tim Evans and Armand Meyl. To provide independent Ticketing Advice and solutions to any Ticket software company or and Attraction wishing to buy a Ticketing solution.

Tim Evans

Has worked in the ticketing industry since 1985, when he started working for TicketMaster UK Limited. He then moved onto TOR Systems Ltd., where wrote their software (SpeedBox Plus). He then moved to VGS/OmniTicket, where he expanded their system.

Armand Meyl

Armand Meyl entered the ticketing business 10 years ago by founding the Systems GmbH in Germany. The MEYL Ticketing GmbH was founded in 1994 to work in cooperation with ticketing and admission software providers such as TOR Systems Ltd. , the VGS/OmniTicket and IREC for customised ticketing and access control solutions.