Industry New and Gossip

If you have any news or gossip that I have missed please let me know

13th June 2001 Cabury World goes live with the Omni Ticket Network system.
1st June 2001 Install Finger Print Access Control at Hannover Zoo. Intergrating the ACE Access control software with the Team Axess turnstiles and Delsy Finger Printer hardware.
1st Febuary 2001 Ken Evans and Fred Matzgen leave Omni Ticket Network, Paolo Moro takes over the job of CEO.
22nd November 2000 ACE IT Wishes to Thank Gateway Ticketing for all its Help and Hospitality at IAAPA 2000.
  Paolo Moro, and Rudy Ganna where not present at IAAPA 2000.
What does this mean for OmniTicket ? If you have any thoughts please let me know.
Myra Joins Gateway Ticketing.
16th November 2000 Souheil Charada, and Gary Wellinger have joined Pathways Group, doing smart card technology.
15th November 2000 Marco Marinucci Leave OmniTicket to work for an Italian Dot Com.
  Madam Tussauds Goes Live in New York.
17th July 2000 First Customer test of ReportACE take place at Neuschwanstein Germany.
  Myra Resigns from Omniticket USA
  First Test of ReplicatorACE take place at Neuschwanstein Germany.
17th June 2000 ShowCreateACE goes live at Neuschwanstein Germany.
4rd May 2000 3 TurnstileACE's , 3 ShowViewACE's go live at Neuschwanstein Germany.
  2 TurnstileACE's , 3 ShowViewACE's, 1 ShowFixACE and 1 FreeShowACE go live at Hohenschwangau Germany.
10th April 2000 Gary Wellinger Joins Pathways Group Inc of CA.
3rd April 2000 First 3 TurnstileACE's go live at BMW Museum Munich.
  First 2 HandicapACE's go live at BMW Museum Munich.
30th March 2000 Gary Wellinger Leaves OmniTicket USA.
21th March 2000 Souheil Charada Had to leaves MEYL Ticketing.
10th March 2000 ACE IT Software Limited Founded.