Current and Future Product Descriptions.


FreeShowACE is Window NT 4.0 Service, that monitors the IREC show database and produces export files of next available shows in different languages, for use by a 3rd party software to control, large displays in the Ticket Centre, so guest know when the next tour is.

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HandicapACE is application that can run on any Windows based PC. And allows the user of that PC to open the Handicap gate with a single press., or click of a on screen button.

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NT Hardware Service

NT Services to Interface to common Ticketing Peripherals. i.e.

BOCA Ticket Printer's.
Practical Automation Printer's .
Monetel Ticket Printer's.
Epson Customer Display's.
Epsom Receipt Printer's.
SWATCH Access Watch Reader's.
Ski-Data Access Watch Reader/Writer's.
BYTECH Motorised Turnstile Reader's.
Integration of Turnstile Hardware (Automatic Systems / Gunnebo / Kaba-Gallenschütz).
KDE Motorized Magnetic Reader's.
PREH Programmable Keyboard.

Uses TCP/IP as the interface to the service.

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ShowFixACE is application that can run on any Windows based PC. And allows the user of that PC to fix the show information in the IREC system, and to copy the information into the IREC reservation system.

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ShowViewACE is application that can run on any Windows based PC. And allows the user of that PC view what show/rides are coming up in the future. Use by tour guides to manage resources for the tours.

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TicketACE multi-tier Ticketing Software which consists of the following modules.

ConfigACE - System Configuration (Screen Shots).
ReportACE - System Reporting.
ReportDesignACE - Report Designer.
RetailACE - Retail Only Selling Solution.
SalesACE - Ticket/Retail Selling Solution.
SeasonACE - Integrated Season Pass System.
SimpleACE - Simple Ticket/Retail Selling for small Clients
TurnstileACE - Turnstile Hardware Control.
TurnViewACE - Access Control Manager.


ReportACE Stand alone SQL Reporting System.

Using simple text ACE Report Format (ARF) files, to define, what is to be reported.

Current Features

Future Features

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SeasonACE Stand alone Season Pass System

Windows NT Supported Photo Capture Hardware.
Windows NT Supported TWAIN Scanner's.
Windows NT Supported Digital Camera's.


SimpleACE multi-tier Ticketing Software for the smaller site.

VendACE - Simple Ticket/Retail Sales Solution.
SystemACE - Config and Reporting..
PassACE - Access Control Manager.
TurnACE - Turnstile Hardware Control.
PicACE - Integrated Season Pass System.


TurnstileACE is a Window NT 4.0 Service that can control One or More Turnstile, and link directly, to the customer Database.

It has a TCP/IP Support interface, that allow remote Monitoring / Configuration.

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Support for Windows 2000 will be added when we are confident in the reliability of Windows 2000 for real world applications.