Name : Silverbark
  Score Modifier
STR 14 +2
DEX 14 +2
CON 8 -1
INT 10 +0
WIS 17 +3
CHA 18 +4

Gold 130
Age 147
Height 6' 1"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Silver
Eyes Green
Skin White / Silver
Size M
Gender M
Handedness Right
Vision Low-light,Normal
Speed Walk 30'
Base Speed
Common, Elven, Literacy
David Allan Finch
HP 24  
CLASS Cleric
RACE Elf (Gallo)
ALIGN Neutral
Cleric 3
Soldier 1
Level 4

Armor Proficiency (Heavy) (1x)
Armor Proficiency (Light) (1x)
Armor Proficiency (Medium) (1x)
Combat Casting
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Point Blank Shot
Quick Draw
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Technical Proficiency

Spontaneous casting
Immunity to sleep
save +2 vs enchantment spells
Automatic Search check if within 5' of secret/concealed door
Turn Undead 7/day
Silver Bark Skin
To Hit Size Damage (type) #Att Crit Mult Range
*Light AutoPistolPrimary
+5S1d10 (P)1203150'
Stun batonPrimary
+5S1d6+2 (B)12020'
Fort save DC15 or stunned 1 round, electrical

Funds Companions Magic Items
A 2" diameter Red and White stone.
Lady Rhyad, Calmert, Filfy Ike, and Klick.
AC 15 10 0 + 0 + 0 2 0 3 + 0
FLAT-AC 13 10 0 + 0 + 0 0 0 3 + 0
TOUCH-AC 15 10 0 + 0 + 0 2 0 3 + 0
REF +3 +1   +2 +0 +0
FORT +4 +5   -1 +0 +0
WILL +6 +3   +3 +0 +0
INIT +2          
Armor Check 0 Spell Fail 0%

Current Target
6000 10000

Skill Name Total Rank Ability Misc
Craft (Untrained)00.0INT/00
Escape Artist20.0DEX/20
Gather Information40.0CHA/40
Knowledge (Religion)33.0INT/00
Move Silently20.0DEX/20
Ritual Casting-10.0CON/-10
Sense Motive30.0WIS/30
Speak Stonic122.0INT/010
Use Device00.0INT/00
Use Rope20.0DEX/20
Wilderness Lore30.0WIS/30
Qty Location Name Carry Eq Weight Qty Location Name Carry Eq Weight
1CarriedHoly Symbol (Silver)1.0N11CarriedRock (Crystal)1.0N00
1EquippedLight AutoPistol1.0Y51CarriedStun baton1.0N20
4CarriedMagazine (25) (Light Autopistol)4.0N0.50Vestments (Cleric's)0.0N60
2CarriedPouch (Spell Component)2.0N30
Carrying Capacity 175.0 Load Light Total Weight Carried 16.0 lbs
Deity:None Turns/Day +7 Holy Symbol  
Domain Air Domain Fire
Granted Power Turn or Destroy earth creatures as a good cleric turns undead. Rebuke or command air creatures as an evil cleric rebukes undead. 3 + CHA modifier attempts per day. Granted Power Turn or destroy water creatures as a good cleric. Rebuke or command fire creatures as an evil cleric. 3 + CHA modifier attempts per day.
0 Level Cleric   [Caster Level = 3   DC = 13   Know = 0   Cast = 4]
Create Water1 actionCloseInstantaneousNonep.189
Create Wine1 actionCloseInstantaneousNonep.96
Cure Minor Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill half (Harmless)p.190
Detect Magic1 action60 feetConcentration up to 1 minute/level (D)Nonep.193
Detect Poison1 actionCloseInstantaneous/10 minutes per target HDNonep.193
Guidance1 actionTouch1 minute or until dischargedNonep.211
Inflict Minor Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill halfp.217
Light1 actionTouch10 minutes/level (D)Nonep.222
Mending1 action10 feetInstantaneousWill negates (Harmless object)p.227
Purify Food and Drink1 action10 feetInstantaneousWill negates (object)p.241
Read Magic1 actionPersonal10 minutes/levelNonep.243
Resistance1 actionTouch1 minuteWill negates (Harmless)p.245
Virtue1 actionTouch1 minuteWill (Harmless)p.269
1 Level Cleric   [Caster Level = 3   DC = 14   Know = 0   Cast = 3+1]
Bane1 action50 feet1 minute/levelWill negatesp.177
Bless Water1 minuteTouchInstantaneousWill negates (object)p.180
Bless1 action50 feet1 minute/levelNonep.180
Burial Blessing10 minutesTouchPermanentWill negates (see text)p.83
*Burning Hands1 action10 feetInstantaneousReflex halfp.181
Cause Fear1 actionClose1d4 roundsWill negatesp.182
Command1 actionClose1 roundWill negatesp.185
Comprehend Languages1 actionPersonal10 minutes/levelNonep.186
Cure Light Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill half (Harmless)p.190
Curse Water1 minuteTouchInstantaneousWill negates (object)p.190
Deathwatch1 actionClose10 minutes/levelNonep.191
Detect Chaos1 action60 feetConcentration up to 10 minutes/level (D)Nonep.192
Detect Evil1 action60 feetConcentration up to 10 minutes/level (D)Nonep.192
Detect Good1 action60 feetConcentration up to 10 minutes/level (D)Nonep.193
Detect Law1 action60 feetConcentration up to 10 minutes/level (D)Nonep.193
Detect Undead1 action60 feetConcentration up to 1 minute/level (D)Nonep.194
Divine Favor1 actionPersonal1 minuteNonep.197
Doom1 actionMedium1 minute/levelWill negatesp.198
Endure Elements1 actionTouch24 hoursNonep.199
Endure Radiation1 actionTouch24 hoursNonep.146
Entropic Shield1 actionPersonal1 minute/levelNonep.200
Faith Healing1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill half (harmless)p.93
Handfire1 actionTouchInstantaneousNonep.98
Inflict Light Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill halfp.217
Invisibility to Undead1 actionTouch10 minutes/level (D)Will negatesp.218
Magic Stone1 actionTouch30 minutes or until dischargedWill negates (Harmless)p.225
Magic Weapon1 actionTouch1 minute/levelWill negates (Harmless)p.225
*Obscuring Mist1 action30 feet1 minute/levelNonep.233
Portal Beacon1 actionClose1 hour/levelNonep.37
Protection from Chaos1 actionTouch1 minute/level (D)Will negates (Harmless)p.240
Protection from Evil1 actionTouch1 minute/level (D)Will negates (Harmless)p.240
Protection from Good1 actionTouch1 minute/level (D)Will negates (Harmless)p.240
Protection from Law1 actionTouch1 minute/level (D)Will negates (Harmless)p.240
Random Action1 actionClose1 roundWill negatesp.242
Regenerate Light Wounds1 actionTouch10 rounds+1/lvlWill negates (harmless)p.92
Remove Fear1 actionClose10 minutesWill negates (Harmless)p.245
Rosemantle1 actionTouch1 round/levelWill negates (harmless)p.114
Sanctuary1 actionTouch1 round/levelWill negatesp.247
Shield of Faith1 actionTouch1 minute/levelWill negates (Harmless)p.251
Summon Monster I1 full roundClose1 round/levelNonep.258
Vision of Glory1 actionTouchOne minute or until dischargedNonep.131
Wieldskill1 actionTouch1 minute/level or until dischargedNonep.134
2 Level Cleric   [Caster Level = 3   DC = 15   Know = 0   Cast = 2+1]
Aid1 actionTouch1 minute/levelNonep.172
Animal Messenger1 actionClose1 day/levelNonep.173
Augury1 actionPersonalInstantaneousNonep.177
Aura against Flame1 actionPersonal1 round/levelNonep.78
Avoid Planar Effects1 action20 ft.1 minute/levelNonep.33
Body Blades1 actionPersonal1 minute/levelNonep.82
Brambles1 actionTouch1 round/levelNonep.82
Bull's Strength1 actionTouch1 hour/levelWill negates (Harmless)p.181
Calm Emotions1 actionMediumConcentration up to 1 round/level (D)Will negatesp.182
*Combust1 actionTouchInstantaneousReflex partialp.85
Consecrate1 actionClose2 hours/levelNonep.187
Cure Moderate Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill half (Harmless)p.190
Curse of Ill Fortune1 actionMedium1 minute/levelWill negatesp.86
*Darkfire1 action0 ft.1 round/levelNonep.86
Darkness1 actionTouch10 minutes/level (D)Nonep.190
Death Knell1 actionTouchInstantaneous/10 minutes per target HDWill negatesp.191
Delay Poison1 actionTouch1 hour/levelFortitude negates (Harmless)p.191
Desecrate1 actionClose2 hours/levelNonep.192
Divine Flame1 action15 ft1 round/levelFortitude halfp.85
Divine Zephyr1 action15 ft1 round/levelFortitude halfp.85
Eagle's Splendor1 actionTouch1 hour/levelWill negates (harmless)p.68
Endurance1 actionTouch1 hour/levelWill negates (Harmless)p.199
Enthrall1 full roundMediumUp to 1 hourWill negatesp.200
Filter1 actionTouch10 minutes/levelWill negates (harmless)p.89
Find Traps1 actionMedium1 minute/levelNonep.203
Fox's Cunning1 actionTouch1 hour/levelWill negates (harmless)p.89
Gaze Screen1 actionTouch10 minutes/levelWill negates (harmless)p.90
Gentle Repose1 actionTouch1 day/levelWill negates (object)p.208
Hand of DivinityNot GivenTouch1 minute/levelWill negates (harmless)p.98
Hold Person1 actionMedium1 round/level (D)Will negatesp.214
Inflict Moderate Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneousWill halfp.217
Instant Reboot1 actionTouchInstantaneousReflex negatesp.146
Knife Spray1 actionClose (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)InstantaneousReflex halfp.87
Lesser Restoration3 roundsTouchInstantaneousWill negates (Harmless)p.222
Magic Bullets1 actionTouch1 minute/level (D)Will negates (Harmless, object)p.147
Make Whole1 actionCloseInstantaneousWill negates (Harmless)p.225
Owl's Wisdom1 actionTouch1 hour/levelWill negates (harmless)p.94
Power Down1 actionTouchInstantaneousReflex negatesp.147
*Produce Flame1 action0 ft1 round/level (D)Nonep.238
Remove Paralysis1 actionCloseInstantaneousWill negates (Harmless)p.245
Resist Elements1 actionTouch1 minute/levelNonep.246
Resist Radiation1 actionTouch1 minute/levelNonep.149
Shatter1 actionCloseInstantaneousNonep.250
Shield Other1 actionClose1 hour/level (D)Will negates (Harmless)p.251
Silence1 actionLong1 minute/levelWill negates or none (object)p.252
Sound Burst1 actionCloseInstantaneousWill partialp.254
Speak with Animals1 actionPersonal1 minute/levelNonep.254
Spectral Stag1 action0 ft.1 round/levelSee Textp.120
Spell Shield1 actionTouch1 minute/levelWill negates (harmless)p.122
Spiritual Weapon1 actionMedium1 round/level (D)Nonep.256
Stone Bones1 actionTouch10 minutes/levelWill negates (harmless)p.123
Summon Monster II1 full roundClose1 round/levelNonep.258
Undetectable Alignment1 actionClose24 hoursWill negates (object)p.267
*Wind Wall1 actionMedium1 round/levelNonep.273
Zone of Truth1 actionClose1 minute/levelWill negatesp.274
Weapon ProficienciesArmor Spikes, Assault Blaster, Assault Carbine, Assault Laser, Assault Rifle, Automatic Crossbow, Axe, Axe (Throwing), Battleaxe, Bayonet, Blaster Cannon, Blaster Carbine, Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle, Blowgun, Club, Compound Longbow, Crossbow (Heavy), Crossbow (Light), Cutlass, Dagger, Dagger (Punching), Dagger (Thrown), Dart, Falchion, Flail (Heavy), Flail (Light), Flamethrower, Gauntlet, Gauntlet (Spiked), Glaive, Greataxe, Greatclub, Grenade (Adhesive), Grenade (Concussion), Grenade (Flash-Bang), Grenade (Frag), Grenade (Incendiary), Grenade (Nausea), Grenade (Smoke), Grenade (Stun), Guisarme, Halberd, Halfspear, Hammer (Light), Handaxe, Heavy AutoPistol, Heavy Machinegun, Holdout Laser, Holdout Pistol, Hunting Carbine, Hunting Rifle, Javelin, Katana (2-H), Kusari-gama, Lance (Heavy), Lance (Light), Laser Cannon, Laser Carbine, Light AutoPistol, Light Machinegun, Longbow, Longbow (Composite), Longspear, Mace (Heavy), Mace (Light), Maul, Mind-blade, Missle Laungher, Morningstar, Nagamaki, Naginata, Pick (Heavy), Pick (Light), Plasma Rifle, Quarterstaff, Ranseur, Rapier, Rocket Launcher, Rocket launcher (Multishot), Saber, Sap, Scimitar, Screamer Pistol, Screamer Rifle, Scythe, Shieldbash, Shortbow, Shortbow (Composite), Shortspear, Shotgun, Sickle, Sling, Sniper Rifle, Stun Baton, Stun baton, Stun gauntlets, Submachine Gun, Sword (Bastard/2-H), Sword (Great), Sword (Long), Sword (Short), Taser Pistol, Trident, Unarmed Strike, Wakizashi, Waraxe (Dwarven/2-H), Warhammer