Andrew and the Andrews On-line

Publicty Stunt?

The band's drummer Jon Senior made the front page of a local newspaper today after being run over by an articulated lorry. The Tonbridge Courier gave the front page, including a lage picture to Jon, who sustained several major injuries but is now out of hospital and recovering well.
This has obviously been a set back to the band, as they have been unable to rehearse this week. They have not released a statement and unfortunately I have been unable to speak to Jon personally. I hope to bring more news, including the full newspaper article and picture soon.


This is the official web site of the up and coming new band "Andrew and the Andrews". The band consists of four talented young musicians:-
*Andrew Rose on lead vocals
*John Mckenna on lead guitar
*Jon Senior on drums
*Ranulf Barnes on bass guitar
The band are also always on the lookout for people who can join the large backing group for the live dates. For more information on this contact Andrew or myself.
The first album "Simply Andrew" is due to be recorded some time over the next six weeks, though the band are currently unsigned.

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