Andrewís Train-Track Blues

I woke up this morningí
There werenít no sun.
My woman had left meí
For a fishmongers son.

And ooo! My lifeís in ruins
No food on my plate
Only thing to console me
Is the train-tracks by the gate

Ooo, I got those train-track blues
(Oh, heís got those train-track blues)
I wish that I was going
Out on the open tracks again
The world travels beneath me,
But I canít escape my pain

Contemplating my life
As I look out across the tracks
My woman took all I owned
I canít pay my income tax

And ooo! Iím stuck in a hole
Can see no escape
Look back behind me
At those train tracks by my gate

Guitar solo - verse & chorus

All I got are my train tracks
Trains rolling past the gate
Ainít never had no chance to prove
That my life ainít that great.

Ooo! One day it will get better
Might even win the pools
ĎTill that day comes lookiní
Iím stuck with my train track blues


Lyrics by Barnes / Senior, Music by Barnes, 1998

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