Duplicates is a small utility written in Java (1.5+) which can be used to locate duplicate files on your data drives. Simply tell the utility which folders to search then hit find.

Duplicates works on any OS that supports Java 5, or later. Currently tested on Mac OS X (Java 5), Redhat/Centos Linux (Java 6) and MS-Windows XP (Java 6).

Any comments or suggestions, please .

Note: For the present, the deletion facility is disabled. However, the list can be used to assist you to remove the duplicates manually.


  • Compares files across multiple data drives
  • No limit to the number of folders included
  • No limit to the number of files or the size of each file scanned
  • Export list of files marked for deletion
  • Oh yes, and its free to use

How to use

  • Launch Duplicates (Uses Java Web Start)
  • Click on Add folder(s)... to add one, or more, folders to the search list.
  • Once all the folders have been added, click on Find duplicates. The progress bar, displayed at the bottom of the screen, will indicate how far the search has got.
  • Once the search has completed, a list of duplicate files will be displayed along with a count for each one found.
  • Selecting a file from the list will show a list of the duplicates. From this list of duplicates, you can select individual files for deletion.
  • Once all of the duplicate files have been marked for deletion, click on the Deletion List tab to review your selection. Once you are happy, click the Delete button.