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Javaders Change History
  v0.8 (2nd June 2002)
  • Fix Re-written the graphics loading routine to stop the "Error loading images" message appearing :-)
  • New Nova Bomb now available as a bonus. When detonated, it will destroy anything that comes near it. Right-click the mouse to launch one and then release to detonate it. Release it too early and you could blow yourself up :-)
  • New More invaders per level and adjustments during invader movement when dropping down screen. Whilst this will make the game that little harder, I need to know if it is now too hard!!
  • New Invaders now explode in a more spectacular way.
  • New Default display is now without starfield and with a border shown around edge of game. Both can be toggled on/off at any time and both keys are customisable.
  • New Customisable keys. Press function key <F2> whilst not in a game to change the keys.
  • New You no longer score any points when you kill the Mother Dragon, instead a "Gold" score bonus worth 5,000 points is dropped.
  • New "Timebomb" bonuses are now dropped during the Intermediate and Advanced levels. If they are allowed to fall to the ground, they will count down to zero at which point they will explode. Any contact during the countdown will result in destruction of the base. If destroyed whilst falling, a "Silver" score bonus, worth 10 times the value of the Invader that spawned it, is dropped.
  • New "Green" score bonus worth 500 points is now dropped at random along with other bonuses by invaders.
  • New "Skull" penalty bonus if caught will clear your power-up cache. Dropped at random along with other bonuses by invaders.
  • New Starfield can now be turned off/on. Press 'T' to toggle at any point.
  • Name now required when registering a highscore. Press ESCape if you do not wish to register highscore.
  • Slowed each level down a notch.
  • Various internal changes to improve speed.
  • Removed facility to change frame rate in line with speed improvements.
  • Some tweaks with hit detection and graphic movement.
  • Corrected a minor fault when entering highscore that gave impression that nothing could be entered.
  • Centred the base under the mouse instead of to the right of the mouse.
  v0.7.1 (21st March 2001) - Archive Version
  • Changed interface. New fonts and layout.
  • Increased frame rate for smoother gameplay. To toggle frame rate (Normal/High) press 'F' when not in game.(Note: When using MS-Windows/IE I have found that reducing the colour depth improves performance. Comments appreciated.)
  • Increased the number of highscores for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced from 10 to 100. Highscores now scrolled from bottom up when not in game.
  • Highscores are now processed for each level. Apart from the Custom level highscores, due the their very nature, all other highscores will be sent to the server for processing. If you do not wish highscores to be sent for processing, press 'H' before playing game.
  • In line with the change to highscore processing, name can now be upto 25 characters. Be careful what you type :-)
  • Some small improvements to assist in performance and smoothness of game.
  • Can now reload highscores from server by pressing 'R' when not in game.
  • Killing the mothership causes four fragments to fall from the wreckage; two forwards and two backwards. These fragments, as they rain down, will kill anything in their paths, including your base!!
  • Adjusted bombs start position when fired from base. Now align properly with base!!
  • Occasionally during the loading of the graphics, a failure occured, resulting in the playing of a game against 'invisible' invaders. Now, an error message requesting the user to reload the page is displayed.
  • Pressing 'F1' opens a new browser page with 'How to Play Javaders'
  • Motherships now appear from offscreen
  • Sound now defaulted to ON
  • Game now defaults to starting on Intermediate level.
  • Base now able to reach edges of screen.
  • Internal release.
  v0.6.2 (2nd June 2000) - Archive Version
  • New custom difficulty level. Set your own difficulty level from extremely easy, to extremely hard.
  • Change in design to reduce problems with image loading on browser page refresh.
  • Promoted aliens now fire super weapons at EOL once large invader destroyed.
  • Introduced "Click window to continue" once Javaders loaded. This enables keyboard players to start game without need to cancel mouse-based game.
  • Reduction in memory footprint, should assist running on lower spec PCs.
  • General tidy up of some code. This should help speed on slower processors.
  • Removal of dead methods and classes resulting in smaller JAR file, so should be slightly quicker to load.
  • Internal test release.
  v0.6 (18th February 2000)
  • Added - Difficulty levels. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Added - Bonus Reserve. Can now store multiple catches of continuous fire and double, triple and super weapons.
  • Added - New alien that, when promoted, can fire directly at you. These have been added to both normal levels (missed bonus life) and EOLs (already promoted!!)
  • Added - Normal sprites can now fired back (missed bonus bomb.)
  • EOL large invader now fires with greater frequency.
  • EOL now uses different sprite when firing (same as super weapon.)
  • Reduced circling invaders at EOL from 15 to 12.
  • General tidy up of some code. This should help speed on slower processors.
  • Reduced scores for aliens on later levels.
  • Increased bonus for hitting mother dragon.
  v0.5.7 - Archive Version
  • Stopped bonuses and mother dragon appearing on end of level.
  • On end of level, once main invader killed, increase the number of bombs and frequency that they are dropped.
  • When an invader is killed, a floating score is now displayed showing the value of the invader killed.
  • Reset to single fire once base destroyed.
  • Can now start game with keyboard, again!!
  • Reduced processing on stars in an attempt to speed things up on slower processors.
  • Reduced processing on sprites dimension processing in an attempt to speed things up on slower processors.
  • Added more sound effects for catching extra life (heart beat) and invaders firing.
  • Corrected problem of circling aliens not appearing until completed transition onto screen.
  • Changed logic to load graphics. All graphics now loaded correctly prior to game starting.
  • Added floodfill to indicate percentage of graphics loaded.
  • Allow for cased characters to be added to highscore name.
  • Internal test release.
  • Added sound when base destroyed (explosion).
  • Added sound when invader drops bomb.
  • Added sound when mother dragon is hit (ouch).
  • Speeded up directional bombs that are fired on end of level.
  • Fixed problem with toggling sound when not in actual game.
  • Stopped the first wave dropping when first starting.
  • Make the end-of-level large invader fire bombs directly at current location of base (using same bomb as triple fire). Also, once EOL large invader killed, circling invaders now fire the same directed bombs at base :-)
  • Added continuous fire.
  • Started to use VisualAge for Java as development tool.