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What is Javaders (aka KT Javaders)?
Javader screenshot Javaders is a space invader look-a-like, except that it has more graphics, faster/meaner aliens and better weapons to defend yourself. It is played over 5 levels, each with 5 sub-levels and an end-of-level super invader.

There are four difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and a custom level. The custom level allows you to change various aspects of the game to suit your skill level. Extra bombs, lives and weapons continually fall during the game to assist you in the destruction of the invaders. The question is:

Are you able to complete all 5 levels on the Advanced difficulty setting?

Ready to take up the challenge? Then click here to start.

Javaders Discussion Group
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Javaders now has a online discussion group. A forum for finding answers, asking questions and sharing experiences about Javaders. Somewhere to discuss tactics and how to get those elusive highscores with other players.

To join in to ask your own questions or offer advice to other players, you will first need to register. To do this, enter your email address below and click Subscribe. Once you have confirmed your subscription, visit the group and post your messages.

For more information and help on Google Groups, please visit the Google Groups Help Centre.

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Javaders Updated - Now at v0.8
  Since the last release of Javaders, I have been receiving various requests to make enhancements to Javaders. One of the major enhancements for myself, and a common gripe with yourselves, was the infamous "Error loading images" message. With this release this has, I hope, now been eradicated.

Another common request was to make Javaders harder, I'm hoping that with the combination of changes and various new bonuses that not so many of you will be able to finish Javaders as have with the previous (v0.7.1) version.

Changes in this release include, but are not limited to:

  • Fix Re-written the graphics loading routine to stop the "Error loading images" message appearing :-)
  • New Nova Bomb now available as a bonus. When detonated, it will destroy anything that comes near it. Right-click the mouse to launch one and then release to detonate it. Release it too early and you could blow yourself up :-)
  • New More invaders per level and adjustments during invader movement when dropping down screen. Whilst this will make the game that little harder, I need to know if it is now too hard!!
  • New Invaders now explode in a more spectacular way.
  • New Default display is now without starfield and with a border shown around edge of game. Both can be toggled on/off at any time and both keys are customisable.
  • New Customisable keys. Press function key <F2> whilst not in a game to change the keys.
  • New You no longer score any points when you kill the Mother Dragon, instead a "Gold" score bonus worth 5,000 points is dropped.
  • New "Timebomb" bonuses are now dropped during the Intermediate and Advanced levels. If they are allowed to fall to the ground, they will count down to zero at which point they will explode. Any contact during the countdown will result in destruction of the base. If destroyed whilst falling, a "Silver" score bonus, worth 10 times the value of the Invader that spawned it, is dropped.
  • New "Green" score bonus worth 500 points is now dropped at random along with other bonuses by invaders.
  • New "Skull" penalty bonus if caught will clear your power-up cache. Dropped at random along with other bonuses by invaders.
  • See the Change History page for more information about this, and previous, releases.
Try the it for yourself and let me know what you think @
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