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How to Play Javaders
  Click on 'Play Javaders' and wait for the applet to load. Once your browser has downloaded the necessary files to start Javaders, the screen should show similar to the following indicating that Javaders is initialising itself.

Upon completion, you will be requested to click the Javaders applet window which will then direct any keystrokes and mouse movements you make to the game itself. Once you have done this, a continuous rolling demo of the various levels will be shown until you indicate that you wish to start a game.

To start a game you can either click in the window, to indicate that you wish to have the base movement follow the mouse, or you can press 'K' to indicate that you wish to start a game using the keyboard using, by default, the left/right arrowed keys. In either case a game will be started using the currently set difficulty level, which by default is set to Beginner.

What to do Now that you have started the game, you must destroy all of the invaders before they land. You start off with a single bomb and with single fire. As the game progresses, the invaders on each of the levels become harder to destroy requiring more hits before each are destroyed. To assist you in the destruction of the invaders, various bonuses are dropped throughout the levels. These include:

  • Extra bomb, allowing you to fire more at a time.
  • Extra life.
  • Continuous fire, saves having to hit the fire button continuously.
  • Single, double, triple and super weapon, each more powerful than the last. If the weapon caught is different to your current weapon, your current weapon will change accordingly, otherwise, it will be added to your weapon cache.
  • Nova bomb, this one is different to the normal weapons. It launches when the nova fire button is pressed, by default this is either the Shift key or the right mouse button, but it doesn't detonate until the nova fire button is released. Release it too early and you could blow yourself up!!
  • Unlike other bonuses dropped, this one lands. It also has a timer that counts down from 10 to 0. When the counter gets to 0, it will explode. It can be destroyed, but requires the same number of hits to destroy it as the invader that dropped it. If it comes into contact with your base, you will lose a life.
  • Standard score bonus dropped along with other bonuses by the invaders. Worth 500 points if caught.
  • Dropped when the Mother Dragon is killed. Worth 5000 points if caught.
  • When the timebomb is destroyed mid-air, a silver bonus worth 10 times the firing invader if caught, will take its place.
  • Skull, beware this one, if caught, it clears your weapon cache.
Catch what you can, but beware, if you catch a single fire bonus and you currently have triple fire, you will change to single fire!!

At the end of each level, you will be put against a super invader. Basically a large invader with a circling bodyguard. Destroy the circling invaders and the super invader to complete the level. A word of warning, whereas the smaller invaders will only drop bombs vertically down the screen. The super invader will launch one straight at you. And if you destroy the super invader before destroying the circling invaders, they too will start firing directly at you. You have been warned!!!

Sound is, by default, off. To toggle sound on and off, press 'S' at any time.

To set the difficulty level, prior to starting a game, press 'B'eginner (default), 'I'ntermediate, 'A'dvanced or ' C'ustom to set the difficulty level.

To adjust the custom difficulty options, whilst not playing a game, press 'D' to go to the Customise Difficulty Options screen, as shown below:

Use the up/down cursor keys to move from one option to another. To change a Yes/No option, press the space bar to toggle the value when highlighted. To change a numeric value, use the left/right arrow keys to increase/decrease the displayed value. To reset the options to those equivalent to either beginner, intermediate or advanced, use the left/right arrow keys to select the desired difficulty level and then press Enter. The difficulty options will reset themselves according the selected difficulty level. To return to start a game of Javaders, press the ESCape key.

To customise the keys, whilst not playing a game, press '<F2>' to go to the Customise Keys screen, as shown below:

Use the up/down cursor keys to move from one option to another. To change the setting for a key, press the desired key when that option is highlighted. If the key is allowable, it will change to reflect the key you pressed. If that key conflicts with another option, then that options key value will change to **Unassigned** and until you change the value of that key to a valid one, you will not be able to start a game. To return to start a game of Javaders, press the ESCape key.

If, after reading the above, you are still having problems or have a specific question, then please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.