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Bonus Reserve and Difficulty Settings
  To set the difficulty level press 'B'eginner, 'I'ntermediate, 'A'dvanced or 'C'ustom prior to starting a game. To adjust the custom difficulty options, press 'D' whilst not within a game. Then, press 'K' to start with the keyboard or click the window to play with the mouse.

The following table outlines the various settings at each level.

Bonus reserve for weapons YesYesYes
Bonus reserve for continuous fire YesYesNo
Promoted aliens included at End Of Level No YesYes
Reset to single bomb when killed No YesYes
Reset to single fire when killed YesYesYes
Boost weapon from reserve when catch lower spec weapon YesNo No
Missing bonus bomb causes alien to fire directional bomb No YesYes
Missing bonus life causes alien to get promoted No No Yes
Timebombs allowed NoYesYes
Bombs dropped relative to Beginner level * 1.00* 1.25* 1.50