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  Javaders by Kevin Toyne (c) 1997-2002  
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Javaders now has a online discussion group. A forum for finding answers, asking questions and sharing experiences about Javaders. Somewhere to discuss tactics and how to get those elusive highscores with other players.

Visit the group to join in the discussions.

For more information and help on Google Groups, please visit the Google Groups Help Centre.

To set the difficulty level press 'B'eginner, 'I'ntermediate, 'A'dvanced or 'C'ustom prior to starting a game.
To adjust the custom difficulty options, press 'D' whilst not in a game.
For *ALL* in-game keys, press function key <F2> whilst not in game.

Note: Highscores are processed on a 48-hour rolling basis.

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Discussion Group
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