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Archived List of Java Game Sites

This list was last updated on the 26th May 2009, so some are likely to have disappeared by now. It is provided as a fixed list for archival purposes now. But if you do use it and find a dead site, please let me know and I will disable the link.

AddictingGamesLots of free online games presented by genre on a simple single-page listing.
(User submission 26th May 2005)
A Games ZoneThey say '...over 500 free to play games. New games added weekly.'
Arcade Games OnlineThey say 'Our goal is to provide you with all of the best free Java games and Macromedia games available online.' The site has undergone a re-design and whilst the games are broken down by genre, each genre is then over many pages, making it a bit harder than it ought to be to find the right game.
(Updated 26th February 2001)
Arcade OutpostA simple, but usable, site listing game by high level genre. With so many games, Classic was 11 pages each of 10 games, it would be better broken down one further level. That said, they do allow for rating and it appears to have been updated recently.
(Added 8th May 2001)
ArcadePodLots of Java games, updated quite regularly. Also has Shockwave games. The 'Online Games' home page contains many links but still remains relatively uncluttered and usable.
(Updated 26th February 2001)
Aycliffe Games ZoneSingle page listing various free games. All appear to be hosted locally.
(User submission 14th June 2001)
BonusBonus is a free, one-stop centre of entertainment for the entire family. They offer a protected playground of internet content, featuring hundreds of games, puzzles and other activities.
Coffee Break ArcadeNice simple layout using genre based lookup. Includes search facility. Mainly Java with some flash games.
(User submission 28th August 2003)
CodeSitesThey say '...the ultimate development related links collection.' CodeSites is a Java resource centre containing many links to Java applets/applications/etc...
(Added 8th August 2000)
CoolJavaThey say '...one of the biggest resource of java games on the net.'. Loads of Java game links. Looks like its been a while since it was updated though.
(Added 29th June 2000)
Dan-Dare.netThe 'Dan-Dare FunStuff page' contains a list of 'Dan-Dare' related puzzles and games. It calls for closer investigation.
(User submission 28th August 2003)
FreeArcade.comLots of games presented by genre in simple multi-page listings. Site now seems to be updated, but now comes with annoying popup windows!!
(Update 15th August 2002)
FreeFunGamesThe say 'The most popular java video game website for all ages...' Over 100 Java games hosted on their own server.
(Added 8th July 2000)
FreePlayWhat was, and still is, a Norwegian site has been revamped and is now available in English. (Global)FreePlay still contains absolutely loads of Java games which are now presented by genre. It appears that they now rate all of the games, with Javaders being given 8 out of 10. It was/is a reasonably easy site to navigate in Norwegian, now that it's also available in English, what more could you ask for.
(Updated 25th May 2001)
FreewareJavaThey say '...an excellent starting point to everything Java on the net!'
Fun D MentalLoads of games presented in genre style listings. Interesting use of Javascript to spice up the presentation :-)
(User submission 23rd March 2001)
Gamebrew BBThey say '... dedicated to showcase some amazing games that use the Java technology.' And yes, they do showcase some excellent games.
GameflameLots of Java games. Javaders was, as of 26th April 2000, the top rated game at GameFlame with 9.36 out of 10.
Game GatewayAn easy to use site with over 700 java/shockwave games. Games broken down by genre with user ratings for each game.
(User submission 19th November 2000)
GamelanLots of Java games.
(Added 29th June 2000)
GameMakersHalf a dozen in-house written games that are larger in size than a postage stamp! Nothing new, but they seem playable enough.
(User submission 10th January 2002)
GamesGnomeAn easy to use game site listing many various genre of online games.
(Added 18th January 2001)
GameSurferGameSurfer lists many games, each broken down by genre, includes search engine. Simple, but efficient, interface making it easy to use.
(Added 19th March 2001)
Glitchs ArcadeA list of arcade games compiled by Glitch.
(User submission 8th January 2001)
Global FunWhilst there may not be many games listed here, they are very good games that should keep you going for quite some time.
(Added 19th March 2001)
GroovyJava.com'Groovy Java' (formerly 'A Smell of Java') is a site dedicated to listing Java games available on-line. Site updated every week.
Happy PuppyLoads of games, including both Java and Shockwave. Broken down by genre, so finding the right game should be easy.
(Added 7th October 2000)
iWinThey say 'The place to win stuff' This site has a lot of advertisements and is heavily biased towards gambling. However, they do have quite a few java based games, the choice is yours.
(User submission 22nd June 2000)
JARSJARS (Java Applet Rating Service) is a review service that uses in-house personnel as well as an independent group of skilled judges to review Java applets and applications. In addition they maintain a database of program submissions that will function as a guide to the best Java programs the Web has to offer. They rated Javaders (v0.5.7) 880 out of 1000 to give it a Top 25% Rating.
JavaGame.NetLots of Java games. Updated every couple of weeks with new games. Keeps a count of each link as it is used to provide a Top 20 of games accessed from those listed.
JavaGameParkLots of Java games. JavaGamePark also compiles a Top 10 list which it updates each month. If you do decide to vote for Javaders using JavaGameParks voting form, please use KT Javaders as the Game Title.
jfind<jfind.com> is another Java resource centre containing many links to Java applets/applications/etc... Amongst these are quite a number of games.
JTC GamesA german game site
KiddoNetSimple layout using genre based lookup. Games appear to be hosted locally. Includes search facility. Mainly Java with some flash games.
(User submission 28th January 2004)
Kids.Net.AuKids.Net describes itself as a 'search engine just for kids!' This is a site that lists links to games/game sites by genre, simple interface and easy to use.
(Added 24th February 2003)
KingPongSingle game of King Pong!!
(Added 25th October 2001)
Newtons NoveltiesThis site hosts all 300+ of the games listed (Java/Shockware/Vitalized and ThingWorld) and should, therefore, provide consistent download/availability of each game. The site is not as tidy as some, but is still usable.
(User submission 26th April 2001)
OnlineArcadeA site that claims (I haven't tried all of the links) to contain some 700 java games. It doesn't appear to have been modified in a while.
(Added 4th July 2000)
Pacific Asia Gaming NetworkThis site has recently gone through a major overhaul. However, the Java games pages ('quickies') do still appear to have some dead links. Saying that though, there do appear to be plenty of active links left to a great many games across the web.
(Updated 4th July 2000)
Phat gamesWhilst it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, there are around 30-40 games, both single and multi player
PlayJavaGamesReasonably well laid out site with over 180 games to play. They allow for individual applet rating and provide a top ten based upon this rating.
(Added 10th July 2000)
SmilieGamesSome excellent java games that should keep you occupied for hours.
(Added 24th March 2001)
TechnobuffWhilst this is not primarily a game site, it does list quite a few games. One of Technobuffs aims is to establish itself as a resource centre for both Java and Perl programs.
TeenOutReachLot's of links to Java based games. Site doesn't look like it has been updated for a while.
(Added 29th June 2000)
UK PlusUK Plus describe themselves as '...your friendly, sensible guide to the World Wide Web.' Whilst not specifically a games site, it does contain links to games and other gaming sites.
Yahoo! GamesSome very nice applets on an easy to read page.
(User submission 15th August 2002)